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Doc thought I was on roids...!

Went to my GP today to ask him what could be done about stretch marks (got a few starting on my butt, so it’s no huge deal). Anyway, he immediately tells me they’re caused by hormonal changes and imbalances, usually high T levels, and that I must be on anabolic steroids!!! He seemed so conviced too. Thing is, I’ve grown like a weed since I saw him last, so that only added to his belief. I simply told him I wasn’t using anything (which I’m not), and that I’d been getting great training sessions, and good food and rest, so I thought my natural T production had probably jacked up by itself. He agreed. Just thought I’d share that with you all out of interests sake. Cheers.

When i had a sensitive skin problem (use to burn at the drop of a hat - even in front of a computer) i went to a dermo and the first thing he said was “you taking any androgens”. It was a nice compliment since i wasn’t. He then suggested the reason for my condition was likely due to something in one of my powders…at which point i digressed to the state of the weather that day:-) BTW Mark, what did he suggest you do about your little problem?

Many books in the medical community elude to stretch marks and acne as sure signs that you must be on something. I have been told the same because I gained a lot of size in a short period of time and have stretch marks along the length of my biceps. Here’s the deal, nearly everyone who does not train regularly believes that anyone with above average muscularity is taking something. They don’t believe that muscle mass can be achieved simply by working hard. That is their problem, not ours. These same people will turn around and ask me what they should do to gain muscle mass, however, when I mention the time needed to be spent under a really heavy weight stack, the eating six times a day, the aerobic training when dieting and the reading it takes just to simply fill your head with knowledge, they look at me as if I am making all of that up. People want quick fixes so they think anyone else that has achieved something must have either bought it or it simply came easy to them. Let the couch potatoes believe what they want. Meanwhile, keep lifting and avoiding the occasional diabetes and heart attacks they have to deal with on a regular basis.
Professor X

Take it as a compliment even if it wasnt meant that way. Its the best compliment a natural bodybuilder could get. I get accused all the time and i love it. I hit a softball about 400 ft last night and the umpire said he wanted me to take a piss test. thats the best compliment i could get.

That was my first ‘are you on roids’ compliment too… and I’m only at 180lbs! I reckon I’ll tip 190 by the end of this 10 week bulking phase though.

Anyway, Phatt, he basically told me there was nothing that could be done about it. And that was it… I’d heard a lot of bits and pieces from people about creams 'n stuff, but he told me flat out there was nothing I could do. Fair enough I guess. This was also the same doc who just about dumped in his pants when I told him I was cycling an ECA stack for the thermogenisis effect… LMAO!!!

“The Doc thought I was on roids.” If it was right after your testicle exam…well, then it wasn’t a compliment.

My sister ask me if I was taking roids the other day. There is no better complement for a natural weightlifter than to be ask or accused of taking roids.

The first time I was accused was in high school and I only weighed 155lbs.LOL