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Doc Started Me on TRT - Mistake?


First post, so to start here's the info required

-age: 33
-height: 6'2
-waist: 33 in
-weight: 204lbs
-describe body and facial hair: Full head of hair, decent beard but noticed some patches that weren't there before. Average body hair on chest, legs, arms etc
-describe where you carry fat and how changed: Carry fat in belly and love handles area, I used to be skinny fat, have lifted for 5 years and put on muscle but now find it harder and harder to lose weight
-health conditions, symptoms [history]: Slightly high blood pressure i.e. 135/84 last check
-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs ever: Only Rx drugs I have taken are antibiotics (like 10 years ago) and cialis

-lab results with ranges: https://i.imgur.com/IUxM83D.jpg Also just recently my TSH was 3.23 with range of 0.35-4.0, and my iron tested low so my doc said to eat more spinach
-describe diet [some create substantial damage with starvation diets]: A couple years ago, i'd say I pushed calories too low as in 800 per day deficit trying to get a six pack but now I eat right around maintenance, maybe a bit above or below if I'm trying to gain/lose weight. I eat 80% or more a healthy diet of read meat/chicken/fish with veggies and rice/sweet potatoes and other healthy carbs. On the weekend I will occasionally have a pizza or go out for a burger or wings with friends
-describe training [some ruin there hormones by over training]: Three days a week focusing on compound movements, 1 day a week of sprints
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? No
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed: Can't remember the last time I had these regularly

The reason I got my T checked was because of low energy and fatigue, slight depression (which docs tried to give me anti depressants in the past but I refused to take them because I'm not full on depressed and didn't want the side effects). But then I have had weaker erections, no libido, and some instances of ED. I went to my previous doctor for this and he just said my T was normal and gave me cialis. This was 2 years ago that it started.

I have also been sleeping terribly lately, I can fall asleep easy but then will wake up a few hours later wide awake, and I can't seem to sleep for more than 6 hours even when I need it. And I've been having night sweats a lot lately.

For workouts it seems they leave me drained now a days. I use progressive overload, 3 times a week sometimes 4 sometimes 2 depending on how busy I am. But I used to leave the gym feeling like I could take on the world, now I literally come home and nap after because I'm exhausted.

I do make sure to eat healthy fats and eggs for cholesterol

That lab above (or here) https://i.imgur.com/IUxM83D.jpg was through private md. I brought that in to my doctor and he said I most likely have primary hypogonadism because of the low T and high-ish LH. He had blood drawn for thyroid, TT, free T, estrodiol, vitamins, liver, and more.

But due to my low levels he started me on 200mg of Test Cyp and then had me come back in two weeks. This 2nd visit was a couple days ago and he said my total T came back lower than on that private md result. So he gave me 200mg more of Test C and said come back in a week and we will see where it's at. I asked about more frequent than every two week injections, and he said once you start your own injections you can do once a week, but for in office injections we strictly follow the guidelines of every 2 weeks.

Now what I'm concerned about is if my doctor jumped the gun. that TSH level is high according to the sticky thread on the Thyroid, it suggests closer to 1.0

I do take Iodine in the form of Lugol's, it is the weaker version and I usually do a few drops a few times a week when i think of it as well as selenium and vitamin C as recommended. I have done this for a couple years after reading about idodine deficiency in the 'goiter belt'.

One other thing, my iron and/or ferratin levels tested within range but very low. So he said to eat 5-7 servings of spinach a week and see if that improves them.

They are going to send me my full blood results numbers through email and then I will have specifics

Thanks for any insight!


I also want to say, and I’m not sure if it was placebo but I noticed a definite increase in appetite, I slept really good for the first week, and libido was back.

I also felt just an overall ‘oh, this is how it’s supposed to be’


if you have been eating red meat; low iron in males can be indication a blood loos via GI bleed. Doc can have you do an occult blood test that can detect blood in you poop.

Lower total blood proteins can also be from a GI bleed.

Should have testes examined to see if there is a [correctable] vascular problem.

Is preservation if fertility important?

You may have been dehydrated for labs. Do drink water.

Read advice for new guys again,
thyroid basics
Your TSH is too high, pay attention to iodine issues.
Check oral body temperatures.