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Doc Serranos creatine super cycle

I know this question has been kicked around this forum before, but what good is an online forum without a little redundancy? Has anyone seem close to the results that Serrano claims you will see if you follow his protocol? i.e. 10 lbs. of mass that you keep. I did the math and it basically works out to taking the same amount of creatine I’ve always taken, with the exception of 2 more days loading, and the reloading (although 1/2 way through I usually bump up the dosage for about a week).

So is this shit legit or what? I got my creatine mad cheap so I’m not really afraid of wasting it, but I would like to know if anyone has seen what the good doctor claims.

Yes, I gained 11 pounds when I completed the good Doctor’s creatine super cycle. I was supposed to take 4 weeks off and start over, but I took more like 18 months off and consequently lost most of the weight gained. I’m sure if I repeated it I would gain similarly again though.