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Doc Reduced Dose


Hello, I have been on Dr perscribed test injections for over 3 years for low T. However in between cycles my nipples started to flare up and a friend gave me some arimedex to help counteract the estro. Upon my next Dr. visit, my test levels were in the 1400's!!! My Dr. has backed me down to 100mg every week from 200mg due to the high test levels.

I immediately started to feel the drawbacks. Lack of sleep, no libido, etc. About a couple of weeks ago my nipples started to flare up again so I took some liquid letro to counteract the estro. Anyway, just got my latest results back and still high 1200! I've never had test levels this high. At best while on 200mg every week i was 850. What's the deal! HELP!


I've been on cypionate 100 mg every 7 days for 9 months. Doc just cut my dose back to every 10 days in devided dose as he felt my t was getting a little high also. My estrogen flaired really high in my first months, while my t remained low. Started on anastozole in May and by august my t shot up almost 500 points. My psa fell 7 tenths in that time. Estrogen in men on t is of great concern. If allowed to get out of ballence.


My concern is I feel great other that the occassional flare up on the nipples. But the arimedex takes care of it. I just don't wanna be stripped back to nothing. What should I do? What could be the answer for me?


Sounds to me like the estrogen eats up your t and when estrogen gets too high you use an AI that in turn drives up your t levels. I would run test on estrogen and try a maintenance program of AI. 200 mg of t weekly is a large dose for anyone. 100 mg is more mainstream. I've found that t to e ratio is more important to how I feel than total t. More mg's of cypionate for me doesn't make me feel better if all I'm doing is converting it to estrogen. Lots of good threads here on ai's. I got my heads up reading the estrogen sticky here and that put me on track to finding better. ballence. I now check estrogen with routine la work.


Hey how did you feel when you were on 200 mg test and arimidex? If you felt good why didn't you tell your doc that you were on non script arimidex? That 1400 was a result of taking arimidex not your prescription. I would come out and be honest about what your taking. It seems like 100 mg test is not working out for you, but again with a ny medication allow 6 weeks to tabilize


Jimm55 thanks for the sound avdice. That sounds pretty accurate. as for telling my doc abut the arimedex, i did. Right now, i'm on 100mg every week. I am just worried that if this still does not work, i'll be taken off. I just want to find overall peace and feel like the old me without the yoyo back and forth. He did mention that if my falre up occurs to come in ASAP for blood work.