Doc Recommendation in NYC?

Hey guys… I’ve been feeling worse and worse… I read through several threads including the above sticky…

Been to 2 recommended GP’s in the city… both sucked!

“Looks like you just have poor genetics”

“you should do more aerobic exercise”
(I do 1-2 hours daily in addition to lifting.)

Thanks in advance!

Bumping this, need some recommendations myself!

Hello: Why not join a Longivity Clinic,or book am oppointment with an Anti-Ageing Dr. In Toronto they have a few,but New York City should have a lot as well,but the best place is in of all places Los vagus,yes check it out,also Southern California and Florida.Look in to The American Institute of longevity,or something to that affect??.

Also a well informed General Practicioner,as they are covered by Health Insurance.The Greedy Clinic’s cost $2000.00 up to $3500.00 as a getting started and then the medication Be it testosterone,or Hcg,or hgh are covered by Reputable private insurance,as long as it’s a medically approved,and believe me those greedy Dr’s make it approved as then like our $money. see ya johnny

uy vey I’ve tried two GP’s still on the lookout…

i guess I’ll bump!

I’ve started seeing Dr. Natan Bar-Chama, a Urologist in Manhattan. He was recommended by a former member of this forum, and I mentioned his name to my GP who knows him by reputation and said he’s very credible.

I’ve only seen him once, but he seems like the real deal – very competent, sympathetic, and thorough. I’d only say that he seems to favor the pellet implants as the preferred delivery method; after reading some of the debates on this forum about pellets vs. shots and doing my own research, I’m leaning more toward the shots (every other day). But that’s a matter of personal choice; he’s willing and able to go with whatever delivery method you prefer.