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Doc put me on Test and Cytomel--Questions


My doc put me on 3cc of testosterone cypionate every 2 weeks plus 25mcg of cytomel daily. He wants to recheck my bloodwork in 30 days and possibly up the test to 4cc and up the cytomel. My levels of test and T3 were extremely low. What results can I expect and in what time frame with this combination?


Everybody is different, can't answer.

Every two week injections are a problem. You will want to at least divide that into two injections per week. Otherwise within 48 hours your testosterone will jump/spike like mad then about three or four days after that it will begin to taper off and you will feel like you have been or worse. Until the next injection. Then the roller coaster effect will start over again.

"Injecting testosterone once every two weeks induces spikes in testosterone levels followed by lows. This can make many feel bad or worse at the end of the week than their pre-TRT state. As time goes on the dead zone gets wider and they feel no relief with injections. These feel much better injecting twice a week or even EOD [every other day]." per KSman

"If your estradiol is high, no matter how much testosterone you have, it isn't helping you as it should because too many of your androgen receptors are blocked by estradiol and your free testosterone has no where to go. Testosterone can't do you any good if it doesn't have receptors available to activate." per happydog48

Have you read anything in the Testosterone Replacement forum? Are you aware of the pitfalls that come with testosterone replacement? Don't inject anything until you have read and understand the things that can go wrong.

Did you know excess T converts to estrogen? Did you know that estrogen can cause gynecomastia, male breasts? Mood swings with weepy crying men can happen in a short time with conversion to estrogen.

Firstly post your questions in the T Replacement forum. You are doing T replacement and there are more qualified people looking after that segment.

But don't fool yourself, you have to become an amateur endocrinologist. Once you have read through the material it begins to sink in that most doctors know less about male hormone replacement than anything else. Read this stuff over and over until you have it memorized.




Also before you inject watch this video about using insulin syringes. They are smaller and leave less damage to tissue than what your doctor is most likely going to give/tell you. Tell your doctor to watch video.


Are you giving yourself the injection or is the doctors staff doing that?

an injection of three cc' of testosterone cypionate is 600mg. That's funny. Your doctor is playing Dr.Frankenstein with you. That and the down slide you will take after just one 3cc injection and waiting two weeks for the next boost is not typical protocol. I can see why he wants blood work done again in 30 days.

This is something you don't come on and off of. Be sure you have all questions answered (T-Nation has a good site search in upper right corner)


Yes I'm giving myself the injection. Why is that playing frankenstein? He's also willing to let me do weekly or bi weekly to split it up. Left it up to me. My free T levels were barely hitting the bottom of the reference range.


First off 300mg T weekly is not TRT , it is a mild steroid dose . TRT dosage is typicaly between 80-150mg weekly . Your dose of 600mg all at once will convert to Estrodiol if you don't take an AI to prevent that . Unless the doctor wants to see how your endocrine system reacts to excessive testosterone for some medical reasons , I can't see the purpose of such a high dose so in frequently . But then again I am not a Dr so maybe he has a valid reason .


bi-weekly will be sufficient.. 200mg will be more than enough.

did he prescribe you an AI?

what is your t3 dose?

you should expect muscle gain and fat loss, more energy, better concentration, better memory, better mood, etc.


So what I'm getting is 3 CC is too much to inject every two weeks? Doc was talking about taking me to 4CC every two weeks and upping T3 after the first 30 days. Yes I'm taking arimidex. 25mg every 3 days. Estrogen was very low when I started. T3 dosage is 25mcg of cytomel.


Great video conservativedog. I'm certainly going to give that to my doc to watch.


Let me give you some advice. How ever much testosterone the doc wants to give you... take it.

But only inject 200mg a week, (and that's on the high end of T replacement.) That dose could even cause high estrogen depending on your age, bf% and genetics. High estrogen will knock out any benefits of the T hormone you are injecting and could cause the benign enlargement of breast tissue. Yeah man boobs.

One ml of testosterone cypionate is 200mg. You should split that weeks amount into two injections so that would be a 1/2ml injection and then three days later another 1/2ml injection.

If you do the subcutaneous injections you can rotate around your navel. Rotating injections is a subject you need to familiarize yourself with or you will develop corky hard areas from scar tissue (even with the insulin syringes.) The sub q injections as stated before will give slower absorption and less of a T spike and should be less aromatase.

Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) can help keep estradiol from binding to androgen receptors (E2 binding will render them useless.) Arimidex/anastrozole or aromasin/exemestane are the most popular and will prevent the loss of testosterone to conversion and will lower your estradiol (which helps keep your androgen receptors available for testosterone.)

If you start feeling puffy, itchy nipples or more weepy emotional at times you need an ai. Blood work though is the only sure way to know what you estrogen level is. Range is usually measured between 7.6 - 42.6 and ideally it should be in the low twenties.

Tell your doc you are using the full prescription and keep the extra testosterone (you never know when there may be shortage;) When they do another blood lab ask for your estradiol as well as total and free testosterone to be measured. Look to see lab results are within normal/high range. If you are still in a low range, you can up the dose.

I'm sure you can think of something to do with the extra stuff in the future and I wouldn't mention it to your doc.


I have heard of T cyp in 100mg per ml - so double check


Got it. That's what I will do and see what labs show. Thanks for the advice.