Doc prescribed me 10,000 iu HCG/week??

My Doc has me on 10,000 iu HCG/week. I’m reading here that this might be way too much??
My test was in the high 400’s and he said this would increase my test without making me sterile. I’m 39 yrs old would like to be able to have kids.

I’m getting it from a Canadian pharmacy and it comes in a single 10,000 iu dose which you mix with 2ml of water. He has me mix it then divide the contents into 3 syringes and take 1 every MWF.

I’m trying to get my levels up to feel better and also body recomp. Any advice would be appreciated!

Zen, you can read my HCG thread. It may or may not help you. It will depend on what your exact issue is on producing test is. If you’ve got primary hypogonadism, it’s not going to help because that means your testes are incapable of making test. If you’re dealing with secondary hypogonadism, then it may work well for you. It needs to be tested to determine which you are.

Regardless, 10k iu/week is too much. It will saturate your Leydig receptors and they still stop responding. The standard protocol that KSman has laid out is 250 EOD. I’ve been at 300 EOD. I’ve seen research at 250-350 EOD, so that’s the range we want to be in. The least amount you can use that triggers your testes to produce all they can is your goal.

A prescription of 10k is something you would give a woman to ovulate, not a man to make test.