Doc (PCP) Prescribed Injections

Had my doc do a blood workup as i was gaining weight and most of it gut, so i was concerned.

he called me up and said my T levels were low (279) and he wanted me to come in for shots…

he’s giving me shots every other week for 2 months then re-testing. from what i read on here, this is not going to be much fun. How can i suggest he up the frequency?

I’ve ordered some Rez-V to start taking while he’s punching this stuff into me, just concerned that he’s going to peak and valley me to death on the test injections.

Every other week is going to suck. You need to get your labs, and post the results here with ranges. Recommend reading the stickies, twice. Print out some high points to discuss with your doctor. If he isn’t willing to listen/learn, find a new doc. You have no idea how bad the ups/downs will make you feel - if you decide to do TRT you need to do it right, from the beginning.

You could just ask to do the injections yourself and therefore control the frequency of injections by getting extra syringes. Its the same volume so he would never even have to know

Self injections are the only way that you can start to get things right.