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Doc Not Helping, Doing My Own TRT


Hi. I am first time poster in this forum.
Have been on TRT for about 1 year. Have typical doctor with the idea that shooting T once a century is plenty to make me feel good. You get the idea.

I got tired of feeling like crap and gathered a lot of good stuff posted on this forum.

So I started my own protocol 2 months ago
Omnidren-250 125mg E3D (split vial in 2 shots)
HCG 250iu E3D
Anastrozole 0.25mg EOD

06/26/15 blood test:
FT 29 ng/dl
E2 50.6 pg/ml (I wonder what was it before I got some AI)

Just about the same time I ran out of Test, and my doc went on vacation, so I had to get Test, lets say, not from the pharmacy.

My new protocol:
TestE 90mg E3D (TestE300 0.3ml per pin)
HCG 250iu E3D
Anastrozole 0.5mg EOD

07/15/15 blood test:
FT 36 ng/dl
E2 41.4 pg/ml

Two questions:
1. I know that common TRT T usage is 100mg/W. I use roughly 200+mg/W. Is there a reason to consider to emulate what's considered as a "standard 100m/w"? Or what I have is good enough? Once I started my own thing I feel way better.

  1. This one is in regards to bringing E2 to 22 pg/ml. If I try now to double the dosage of AI again, from 0.5mg EOD to 0.5mg ED. How long do I need to wait before testing blood again so AI dose change takes full effect?

Any other recommendations are more than welcome!


E2 will drop ~50% if you do not change T dosing. About a week to get there. If you feel great, wait a while as SHBG and FT will take time to get near steady state.

You are taking 210mg/week, so ~2mg anastrozole is expected for normal responders [you are]. You are going to exceed that.

How long were you on the protocol? Long enough to get to steady state?

You were taking 1.75mg/week and propose 3.5. New E2 will be near 41.4 * 1.75/3.5 = 20.7


KSman, thanks for responding. Read all of your stickies, didn’t get it all, but its a start :slight_smile:

[quote]KSman wrote:
How long were you on the protocol? Long enough to get to steady state?[/quote]

I am just over 3 weeks on my current protocol of T 210/w and anastrozole ~2mg/w. Should I have waited longer to take a blood test?

From what I’ve gathered I probably do have a lot of aromataze because I’ve accumulated quite a bit of fat. I’ve started dieting 4 months and dropped 20 lbs since. I estimate me being at ~25% BF now, but I don’t know for sure. So, having so much lard would warrant lots of AI to control E2.

Is ~3mg/w too much? Or perhaps I should lower Test dose to say 150mg/w and stay at 1.75mg/w of AI for a while? Sorry if these are silly questions… I am learning.

[quote]KSman wrote:
You were taking 1.75mg/week and propose 3.5. New E2 will be near 41.4 * 1.75/3.5 = 20.7[/quote]

Cool! simple inverse dependency. Now I can calculate shit! :slight_smile: Thanks KSman!

EDIT: Should I do something about prolactin? 2 months ago I tested it. It was 15.3 ng/mL. I think preferred range is (7-9).


I am gonna try lowering my T dose to 150/w
and rasing Anastrozole dose to 0.75mg EOD

Will report back in 3 weeks with blood test results.