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Doc. Gave Me Test E


hi there i'm 61 years old, 5,8 220lbs., been lifting for 45 years...took some bootleg roids 20 years ago , but at least half of them weren't any good, my total test is now 280, doc wanted to give me some gel's, i said that i heard that wasn't any good, so my doc gave me test. 200 enan., and all the hardware ,told me inject 75 mil. every 3 weeks,i know that is not much, but what can i expect out of this , will it screw my system out of balance, after reading post's on T-Nation, it seems my doc doesn't know what he's talkng ....thanks


Read the protocol for injections sticky.

What precisely does "75mil" mean? If you mean 75mg every three weeks, that is a disaster.

Read the sticky about finding a TRT doc.


sorry i mean 75 mg, there are no doc.s around here,...what other things should he have given other than more test.,... i'm gonna try to get him to give me a 100 mg a week,


Read the protocol for injections sticky.

Read the sticky about finding a TRT doc.


thanks for the info, i'll print this and take it to my doc.


don't be dissappointed when your doc puts them aside saying he will 'scan' them later.

It is extremely rare to find a doctor who is open to learning from his patients. Most doctors have over inflated egos and of course already know everything they need to know.

you may have more success by educating yourself and picking your battles. at the end of the day, YOU are the customer. This is YOUR body and YOUR life. YOU decide what happens (within the medical establishment limitations).


125mg/5 days should be protocol. Enanthate is junk in my opinion and produces a lot of estrogen stress compared to cyp.


Where do you come up with this shit?


went to see my doc again today, my blood test.was 382, my free test.was low boader line, he says blood looked good to him, and doc told me i was to take 200mg every two weeks now, of 200 mil.T (rather than 75 mg of 200 T.every 3 weeks,) he has never checked my E2, so he's gonna start checking my E2, ask him about injecting weekly ,

he said its not nessary, told him my nuts are shrinking, ask him about hcg , he says he never gives that, ask him to give me some amedix, he says wait two months and see what my E2 is doing, also said i was gonna bring him some info on test. therpy,.. he says he'll read it if its from a source, like a doctor ,no "steriod forums" lol, so can any one point me to a good book or online doc review that supports what T nation aready knows, there no other doc with in 200 miles of here or i would there!


I am wondering what "estrogen stress" really is; Google does not seem to know either.


How are gels not good considering they work for many men, including myself?