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Doc Fired Over 'Doughnuts = Death' Sign




Shit, he should have seen it coming. A doughnut here and there is good for you! I was pissed when DD got rid of their cocanut cream filled donuts, but a chocolate frosted always hits the spot.



Ironic that he works for the health department and yet his coworkers (who presumably also work for the health department) were outraged when he banned donuts.


If he was doing his job well he wouldn't have had to ban the doughnuts as everyone would've been properly educated that doughnuts (equal) diabeetus.

Who the fuck is he to say what his co workers can and can't eat? He didn't pay their salaries and he didn't pay for the facilities, the state and county did.

But, yes, it is a little ironic (and it makes me chuckle inside)


I actually have to agree. No one is going to claim that a donut a year is going to even marginally hurt someone....therefore, donuts themselves are not "unhealthy". The act of eating donuts all day every day IS unhealthy. His goal should be to fight against the act of eating that crap in excess, not on the food itself.

I work in a clinic and someone is always bringing some type of baked goods in. It isn't the food's fault that obese people grab it up every day.

I can see how local business owners could take offense...especially in this economy. The average person working at the donut shop isn't making over 140k a year.


Well they were outraged when he banned donuts from meetings. I don't work for the health department, but I'm going to assume that they have meetings just about every day. I totally agree that a donut every now and then isn't going to do any harm (in fact today is a cheat day and I fully plan on having a couple of pastries myself) but, as you mentioned, in many office environments there is a "special occasion" almost every day where people are bringing baked goods in.

Although really, this is kind of a dumb argument because I pretty much agree with both of you; if somebody works for the health department and they don't have the willpower to not eat donuts every day, then they can enjoy their Type II diabeetus. And there's plenty of people who think eating red meat is unhealthy and I'd be pretty pissed if somebody tried to stop me from eating steak.

It was more the irony of other health department employees sticking up for donuts that was amusing to me.


False. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink.

Anyways, what he was doing was stupid. Plus, the dude needs to eat a bit, and not be 160 pounds at 6 foot tall.


Have a little compassion. He may be a hard gainer or have the AIDS! ...or both!!


Back in college my friends put out donut watch on me. If they saw me with a donut they were to beat the shit out of me. This edict came from my thesis advisor.

I quit eating donuts.


Story reminds me of a tobacco chewing with a friend had me on for him when I was young. He asked me to do whatever I could if I ever saw him chewing tobacco again. One day he was riding his bike by my house and I asked where he was going. he said to the corner store to buy some chew (yes they sold it to minors).

I reminded him of our little deal and he laughed and kept riding. I went up to my room (2nd level of the house with a window facing out towards the road. I readied my BB gun with 10 pumps and waited...he road buy and I could see a big bulge of chew in his lip. I took aim and shot him right in the leg. He screamed like a girl and crashed...I could hear him cursing me, my family and all my pets as I went down stairs and outside to see how much damage I did to him.

He tried to get up and attack me but I still had my gun and I threatened to shoot him again. I took his can of chew and dumped it out and then told him I would shoot him again if I saw him with anymore chew. He did stop...and he also stopped riding his bike in front of my house. Anyway -- good times back then...


speaks to the value of self-employment


LOL. That's pretty funny.


His intentions were good but the way he did it wasn't really all that "extreme". I mean, look at the statistics of North America obesity. I'm not even remotely sure but it's probably near 50%.

This man should be commended for what he did. And for people who's laughing at the guy, personally, I think what he did was brilliant! Well, except for actually naming Dunkin Doughnuts in his signs, but other than that, removing doughnuts and candies in your office is not too extreme IMO.

People need to learn to get that shit out of their systems and eating it "once in a while" isn't gonna work. People who eats doughnuts usually pig out on that shit. I mean, look around man, the stats don't lie.

How many fat people do you know that only eats bad foods "once a year".?


Bullshit. If someone banned steaks from my office because they believed red meat to be bad I would have the right to be pissed, especially since that makes up a large part of my diet. Why should any government official have the right to tell people what to eat?

You only agree with it now because it is about donuts. Would you still be for it if the FDA bans protein supplements from public consumption because athletes keep testing positive for anabolics while blaming the supplements?

Why is it you only think as far as "donuts"?


Good point. But how many fat people really eat red meats and take protein supplements as much as bodybuilders/athletes do?

My point is, if you look at obese people, you won't see them eating only "half bad foods" for "a couple of times a year". There's a pattern there and it ain't good. Skinny people don't go fat overnight. It's a process and it starts out by eating a few bad foods here and there. Next thing you know, 75% of North Americans would be obese.

His heart was in the right place and he's trying to PREACH his PRACTICE. And as health officials, his co-workers shouldn't really have a problem with that. Imagine a patient's relative waiting in the lobby and wants a snack.....

If his co-workers really just wanted to eat junk every once in a while, they would grab something from the store and not be exposed to it 8 hours a day 5 times a week in the office.


We are all in trouble the moment it becomes ok for a government official to dictate what YOU can put in your mouth. It isn't anyone's right to FORCE fat people to get skinny no more than should it be right for them to force us to lose muscle.

It is easy to lose rights if you are willing to let things slide as long as it benefits your personal beliefs. That means you will have to deal with it when it doesn't.


Prof X.

I was going to say something similar to what you've been saying. What's next, beef and beer should be banned? What about milk (you know, cows are destroying the ozone layer and all) There's a fundamental right people have with regards to what they eat. I for one don't want the government, or any government employee for that matter, telling me what/how to eat.


I agree with X and the others about the gov't. not having the right to ban stuff like that. Obviously the man went overboard as he shouldn't be singling out specific companies. I think a more intelligent way of going about things would have been to put up posters that make eye catching claims and then have facts in smaller print explaining why a donut every now and then might not be a bad thing, but every day not so much.

Also, he forgot the rule of knowing your audience. The article says 1 in 4 of the citizens in that county were obese. Ironic that you can rag on smokers for the health hazards cigarettes pose (ignoring the 2nd hand smoke argument, but more focusing on the healthcare cost) but you can't tell obese people not to eat shit all the time. All in all, it did give me a little chuckle.


In all fairness, we don't know the full context of his "ban on donuts" and we all know the media's history of accuracy in reporting health matters. I took it as more of a kooky old man making up these signs and being like, "if I see any donuts in the meeting room, I'm throwing them out!" Not somebody who is legitimately using his governmental authority to restrict his employees eating choices during the entire workday.

If it's the former, I have no problem with it. If it's the latter, My general policy is to live and let live and if people wanna get fat then fuck it, it just makes me (and the athletes I train) look even better by comparison.

I just keep imagining the relative absurdity of HEALTH DEPARTMENT employees banding together to save the donuts. Kind of like hospital workers banding together to keep their right to smoke. Oh wait...


Where did it say he banned doughnuts? The only thing close to it was this quote:

"He angered staff members by barring doughnuts from department meetings and announcing he would throw the fat-laden sweets away if he saw them in the break room. He also banned candy bars in the vending machines, putting in peanuts instead."

I didn't see a single place in the article where he told an employee what they could eat. It may be a little extreme to throw away sweets in the break room but they can always keep them in their office and send an email to notify people.

If the employees don't like what is in the vending machines they can carry in whatever they want and they will probably save money doing it. As for banning doughnuts from meetings I think he should have just banned all foods from meetings because they are a distraction. If I am running a meeting I want everyone's attention on me instead of food.