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Doc Doesn't Have a Clue


A little information on what is going on. I took for PH's about 4 years back for a couple of months, I didn't do a PCT and I crashed hard.

Fast forward 2 years, I am still crashed, I can't maintain erections, no sex drive, slow facial hair growth ect. I start seeing a doctor, she puts me on a dose of 250units (out of a 1CC syringe) of HCG mon/wed/fri, along with a slow release DHEA pill and a progesterone pill before bed. Things were going great, I was on the road to recovery and she was going to put me on Clomid or Nolva so I could be done with all of this. I was almost to the end of this thing and she moved away, she no longer would be seeing patients from my area. Great!

So I find a new doctor closer to my area, and he wants to put my on TRT for life and I refuse. I told him I just needed to restart my HPTA and he had never heard of this before. He puts me on 400units of HCG (1CC syringe) mon/wed/fri. 4 months in, my balls are shrinking, my facial hair is hardly growing, my estrogen levels are way too high, and I am tired and moody as hell. I did blood work for him and told him my symptoms, now he wants to UP MY DOSE OF HCG! This guy is out of his fucking mind.

My question is, how can I bring my estrogen levels down and bring my testosterone levels back up so I can actually grow a beard again and feel like a man? If I lowered my HCG dose would this do the trick? I am trying to find a new doctor but it the mean time I need to do something now, I am miserable. Please let me know!


One more thing to add, this doctor only checks my testosterone and estradiol levels, my first doctor checked, test, est, LH, FSH, progesterone, ect. Even vitamin levels.


My balls are shrinking and I dont know why can one of you experts help me out?