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Do Your Prefer Supersets?


Supersets or just a regular workout resting between every set that u do? Im wonderin bout this cuz i want to get bigger but i also want to get stronger, im thinkin which one shud i do.


Its just an intensity technique which you could use once in a while or to help you get over a plateau. Because this is in the beginners forum i asume your a beginner so dont use it. Use big compount movement with low reps to add some mass. Check out the article page for some good routines or search on google 5x5 by Glen pendlay.


Actually im not really a beginner cuz ive liftin on and off but i was wonderin if i shud just to the 8-12 reps for bench or dumbell press and do supersets wit my tri's and bi's. And big compount wit low reps dont get u bigger it just gets u stronger. There are alot of people in the 155 range that bench up to 300 or more.




Lol. Big compound movements with low reps will get you bigger if you use enough volume with it. 5x5 is a great example of a strength and size builder. If you want good supersets, search for "Optimized Volume Training" and look at the schemes involved. However, I'd only recommend it if you have a strong base of GPP.


Yeah, those olympic lifter low rep guys are tiny.