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Do Young Women in Their Prime Like Older Men?

Or is that just a myth? And for the purpose of this question, older is defined as say over 35. And women in their prime defined as 16-25. I mean, they may tend to like men older relative to them. A girl say 16 might be attracted to a 26 year old man, but older as in a 56 year old man might be another story. What’s anyone else observation on this?



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Yikes!! Did you say 16? In my state that will get you 15 years, otherwise known as jailbait. Maybe it was a typo?

In about half the states in the US, the age of consent is 16.

That’s interesting…

nothing is universal. also keep in mind that it’s not always so much that the younger woman is attracted to the man, so much as the money.

It’ll also depend on how attractive the guy is. Like, I’m pretty sure every woman on the planet is attracted to Hugh Jackman. Not the case for every 56 year old man.

I think that, as a general rule, you would actually find the claim that women are attracted to MUCH older men as false. If we’re talking about a 15 year or less age gap, then yea, that’s definitely a common thing. I’ve gotten plenty of attention from women between 18 and 25, and I’m 34. I would say more women 10+ years younger than me have seemed to be attracted to me than women 5+ years older.


Yes, at least if you’re talking about sex. There is no, repeat no shortage of 21 year olds with a thing for older guys. I’m almost 38 and my only resemblance to Hugh Jackman is our shared love of deadlifting in toe shoes, but getting a date isn’t difficult at all. If you’re reasonably good looking, stable in your finances, confident in who you are and a fun date, you will have no problems finding young good looking young women even into your 40s.

If you want to settle down and start a family, you will probably have slimmer pickings with girls 15 years younger.

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Men tend to get more attractive, wealthier, more powerful, more confident, more reliable and more sensible with age. It’s a no brainer really.



Guys, just FYI, this dude has had a few threads deleted because they were SO utterly offensive that even T-Nation would not allow them to stand. I wouldn’t take anything he says seriously.


I miss the days when we could have a normal thread.

Like a dad buying a vibrator for his daughter.


Actually, that is precisely the case. I dread walking out to my car every morning, as I have to fight my way through all those primo 16-25 year-old maneaters. I’ve had to obtain so many restraining orders, I keep them in three-ring binders. And if it’s this bad at 55, I can’t imagine how ridiculous it’s going to be when I turn 56 later this year. Pray for me.



I originally read this as manatees. I was like “Damn, ED’s got no chill, Fuckin savage (as the kids say)” lol.


Dem “binders full of women” though.

You just need to find out where your swag dial is, and turn it down a couple notches. Can’t leave it on 11 all the time.


C’mon, brah. The primo-age manatees know they got no shot with the likes of me, the ‘Hugh Jackman of North Loozyanna.’ They don’t bother trying. I see them going after less-attractive dudes–for example, the 40 year-olds.

Bro, like, I try, but the secksiness just oozes out of my pores, like ferro-moans (sp?). Maybe I should try wearing a hazmat suit–it might keep the ferro-moan molecules from reaching their lady parts, or whatever.

I see what you did there. Well played, sir.


Lmao !!! Manatees hahhaha :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I’m in my prime at 31 and I am very attracted to older men and not so much younger men .
For example : Anthony Kiedis and Nicolas cage are sexier than like … some young actor I dunno that twigliht guy or Zac effron or some shit .
I don’t even know young actors because of their non sexiness

Kiedis (b. 1962)
Cage (1964)
Me (1962)