Do You Wear Jocks Straps?

While lifting or just doing regular exercises (running, whatever).

I’ve used the cheap “Duke” from walmart… that ends up just pushing my balls up inside me rather than holding them in place not to mention the retardedly uncomfortable band.

I got some Bike brand “swimmer’s” jocks from the Sports Authority… decently comfortable, but fall apart pretty quickly.

Should I be looking for something else? Jock strap is a must for me… my freshman year in high school I had testicular torsion and have worn a regular pair of boxers maybe 10 times total since then.

I know guys who run/play sports/lift with boxers on. Jesus tapdancing Christ that makes me wince…

I only wear one when If I run. I havn’t warn one in a year. I wear boxers when I lift. Why wouldn’t you? I can understand why you would when you run bc they bounce everywhere. When you lift they pretty much stay put.

Boxer briefs are awesome.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Boxer briefs are awesome.[/quote]


I’m a fan of compression shorts. Boxer briefs get the job done as well though.

Under Armour Boxers FTW

Optimally, I try and wear compression shorts, anything else if I run, I start chaffing. Lifting is as big of a deal if I wear boxer briefs

Boxers for sleeping

Boxer-Briefs for everyday life

Compression shorts for training/exercise

Shock Dr Compression Shorts / Cup for martial arts

As a coach once told my team, “They don’t call you jocks for nothing.”

It is helpful not going through 2 - 4 pairs of drawers.

[quote]msd0060 wrote:

I know guys who run/play sports/lift with boxers on. Jesus tapdancing Christ that makes me wince…[/quote]

No kidding. Boxers are for sleeping in. Period.

Boxer briefs only give slightly more support and are fine lounging around, but not for exercise. I’ll wear regular briefs for lifting and light exercise, but anything with a lot of jumping or starting and stopping, i.e. when playing sports, requires a jock. The duke or a similar style has always worked fine for me.

Back in my hockey days I had a jock called Stanley’s Cup. It was awesome.

I got something way better later on, saved my ass when Shane Corson let a slap shot go from the hash marks and hit me square in the jewels.

He proceeded to laugh at me while I was rolling on the ice in pain.

I’ve tried pretty much everything, but in the end Under Armour’s boxerjock has me sold.
I don’t think i’ll ever wear anything else for training or competing.