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Do You Wanna Change My Avatar?

Ok... well give me your suggestions. I'v had this avatar for two years and Its time for a change.   

 Your suggestions have to be original,funny, and captivating.Good luck.


Wait...is there a prize?
My suggestion is to contact Wol. (What did I win?)




this or the anus thing that SA posted.

LOOK AT MUFASA'S FACE !!!!! Look familiar>?


Sick Abs wins


Motherfuckin' THIS. Another avy dedicated to Kerley's man-custard.

Just look at how well ADvancedTS' shit has worked for me.


Go back to your original self portrait avi.


Wow, Print is going for the kill.


LOL. That picture made me feel like I need to go eat.


lmfao! nice.


you're welcome



Why do I feel we always have to fight to please you?!


asking for trouble :slight_smile:


Kerley is becoming an internet meme!! I like the rape your anus though..... ahhhh what to do, what to do.


cause you're the jealous type.


I remember people here by their avatars ( I think many of us do) so if you change it it's ahrd to remember who's who.
You could keep a theme, like Professor X does.

I mean, I think of the avatar of Christian Bale from "American Psycho" that was an anamated gif of him flexing in the mirror while copulating and I don't know if that poster's gone or just changed his avatar.


so what you're saying is that I should put another simpsons avatar?


I'm still here dude. lol.


Agreed.. I recognize almost everyone on this forum based on their avatar.


You need something involving tetherpuppy. Unfortunately, a google search turned up nothing.