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Do you use Kazaa?


Not sure if you guys have seen this yet -- http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/internet/06/25/download.suits.ap/index.html




Gotta Mac with OS X, babee. Therefore I just use their new Music Store in iTunes.

Very handy.


I have gotta laugh at this I do not think they can get this to go thru a court.


I wouldn't laugh. The RIAA is doing it, and you can bet the MPAA is backing them.

I'm thrilled Verizon is standing behind their users, but they're alone on the beach with reinforcements half a world away.

'Substantial' likely refers to about 500 files or more. Within 4 months, expect that number to drop by 200. Of course, given Kazaa's enormous user base, it's still a massive archive even if the collective only shares 1 file apiece.



solo - they already did. There was just a court battle where Verizon had to give up the names of a few people who shared music. The courts ruled in favor of RIAA and now they are going nuts with this suing crap. I use kazaa, and I have my file sharing turned off, so no one can access my files or see how many songs (or pornos) I have.


Patricia, compared to Kazaa, iTunes is a joke. It has literally no advantages in terms of quality or quantity of music. And to those of us with broadband connections, dummy files are immaterial.

I'm supposed to PAY to download a 128 Kbs AAC DRM-encoded file that I can't even PLAY without Apple's ridiculous program, and that on any reasonable stereo, sounds like trash?

You MUST be kidding.



Why not use Kazaa lite? It allows you to block people from seeing shared files, not to stop sharing, just not have the entire list of what's being shared come up. It's also got a lot of other stuff that kazaa crippled. I use either it or shareaza, depending on which networks I want access too, and speed.


Knight: iTunes ain't a joke. And the quality is THERE.

With the limited time I have, iTunes is much handier for me to obtain music. OR, I go the old fashioned route, I BUY it and then add it to my computer.


Sue me!


I use a kazaa hack, kazaa lite. Its kazaa without the ads, it's great!


It's a direct result of our culture and it's values. Money making, especially when it is made from something worthless or popular, is all the rage amongst those same stupid fucks that let our stock market fall after 9/11. These people are fighting for thier rights to rip you off and become richer than you doing it. I love music, don't get me wrong, but when you live in a society where some no talent kid can make a record and become a millionare before a Doctor isn't sued for just about anything, doing his job, this is what happens.


MIKESMITH00: Shareaza? Don`t know if they updated their gig, but last time I tried it, 24 hours straight, i never was able to get a connection. KazaaLite is leagues beyond that in connection quality, frequency and speed.

Did some of you get the idea behing the New Kazaa coming up, where you get paid to host files deemed shareable? Talk about walking outside the self-beaten path...



Kazaa has no time penalty.

And as to the sound quality issue:





that just sucks. I bet all of those classical artists I have downloaded will not be able to buy their new ride because I downloaded for free.


Why not transfer your files from the Kazaa "My Shared Folder" to say "My Music" or another folder where those RIAA shitheads can't find it. I probably have like 2-3 MP3 files in my Kazaa folder right now and probably a couple hundred on my computer total.


Dan C: I agree completely about connections,and for just music, Kazaa Lite is infiniitely better, but if you're looking for anything else, then the EDonkey/Overnet network has much better stuff. And I like one client for everything, that's why I went with Trillian instead of using all the different clients. It all comes down to keeping RAM free.


There are many ways to protect your downloading and keep it private. Do a search & you can find programs to help you out.

The RIAA is a fucking joke. money grubbing bastards looking for the easy way out, and doing their best to avoid coming fess up how they've been ripping off musicians & fans alike for nearly a century now.

Artists who are on top of it now offer online songs and special deals when you purchase their disc, or they release on their own labels. Toob ad younger artists can't afford to go that route just yet (most anyway).