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Do You Use Creatine on a Daily Basis?


I haven't seen any effect from using creatine (I used it for a month). I want to know your experience with creatine. Do you use it every day? Is it effective?
Also it would be great if you list all the supplements you are currently using. I am an amateur and that could really help me.
I am using whey protein and tribulus right now.


Creatine is famous for hitting you the most when you stop using it. 5g a day for me.


Can we seriously make a sticky about creatine already?


take it. you may not have noticed results from it because it gradually builds up in your system (unless you did a loading phase)

if you're a newb dont owrry about supplements and get your diet in check <---- ask in beginners forum for that info


Same here. Used to cycle. Now I take it with my green tea for breakfast. Usually 1 or 2 servings of 5g a day.

Make sure to mix it with hot beverages, makes it dissolve better. And your diet prolly sucks, so get it in check!

FTR: Whey, Fish Oil, Creatine, Animal Pak


I've always heard that creatine takes some time to build up in your system and become effective but TBH I've always noticed the effects from in within a day or two of taking it(this maybe placebo effect, if it is than I don't even care). I don't cycle it, I take a supplement from a local company that's creatine, glutamine and beta-alanine twice a day. Works really well(I feel) and tastes damned good.

Also, FTR: Whey, Creatine Glutamine Beta-Alanine mix, zinc, vit b6, vit e, magnesium, vit c, fish oil.


Can't be bothered to make life complicated, I put 5g in my PWO drink whenever I remember to do it.


I noticed results fairly quickly from creatine, but I imagine the time it takes to have effect is dependent on your body's natural stores. Mine were probably low from being a vegetarian a while back.