Do You Use Calorie Calculator Software?

Do you use Calorie Calculator Software?
If so, which one?
I use my diet tracker.

Absolute Fitness for my Palm Pre… really awesome having it on my phone, probably would not do it if it wasn’t.

Try, the online version is a little slow but I can keep it running in the background at work - I find that helps to look at everytime I get a little hungry and want to eat junk. (also free online)

I don’t know how the others work but it breaks down everything for you and I find its great if you are follwing a 40/40/20 or some other breakdown.


I actually carry a notebook. Yes, it’s cumbersome, but serves as a constant reminder of the goal I set before myself. I’m doing something that most people couldn’t be bothered to do, and that thought helps keep me motivated day after day.


i use excel