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Do You Use a BB Pad When Squatting


I've noticed in many of the videos of insane squats, they just use a bar with no pad. I suppose that would tend to enforce proper bar position, as it would hurt like hell if you had the bar up on your neck.

Do you guys use a pad?


no one in this forum uses a pad…
theyre pointless


No, they hinder more than help. Use your traps as pads.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha.



yyyyyeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaand NO




Put some meat on your upper back, it doesn’t hurt.


if you have the bar on your neck, you are doing it wrong


Dont be a vagina.

Put some meat on your back and squat like a man. LMFAO…


i’ve discovered a use for the pads. Before i had fat gripz i would take two of them and attach them to the pullup bar, it kind of mimicked the feel of a thick bar with the obvious exception that it gave in and actually fit to my grip fairly well. Also, you can attach them to the safety bars when doing rack-lockouts to silence the noise when you slam the weight back down…this in turn fucks the shit out of the material but i’m really not too concerned about that. Maybe if i mess them up enough the gym will just throw them away and then nobody can use them muahahahahaha


I refer to it as the “pussy pad”. I even give my wife shit for using it…but I would rather her squat with the pad than not squat at all.


I thought they had become known universally as Maxi-Pads…?

I cringe when I see guys using the maxi-pad half squatting 95lbs


I find, now that I have them, the space between my traps and rear delt is like the perfect little pouch for the bar.

It was really convenient for the body to grow like that.

One thing that bothers me is I can go heavy enough on calf raises to get the broken blood vesicles on my traps, and I can’t squat enough for the bar to do the same.


Do you use a tampon when squatting?


[quote]leaftye wrote:
Do you use a tampon when squatting?[/quote]

LMFAO. This.


I usually use a bosu ball, you know like I stand on it, then squat. Totally fries my quads.


[quote]humanjhawkins wrote:
Do you guys use a pad?[/quote]

My girlfriend uses a pad.


I use the pussy pad - as extra padding for my junk when using the hammer strength back machines.


[quote]goochadamg wrote:
humanjhawkins wrote:
Do you guys use a pad?

My girlfriend uses a pad.[/quote]

I hate that pad too


The only muscle that pussy pad squats hit are the vagina