Do You Train Your Neck?

Also because is horrible whole strong body and thin neck look really disharmony and strange.

How did u train ur neck ur routine ?

4 sets of neck harness work.

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Each side ? How much by week ? I heard that harness, bridge neck and so on aren’t good for the neck, but maybe only if u improve to fast ur training i dtk, some peoples say that elastic band are better or cable machine

I got a Hammer plate-loaded machine about a month ago, and I can already see a difference. I do 2 sets each direction (4 directions) every other day. That’s pretty standard in most strength programs I’ve seen. It’s definitely enough to yield progress.

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Did u have a video, is a expansive machine ?

There’s only 1 side.

Once a week.

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By side i mean, left right back front, u get good results just with once a week ?

Neck harness has one side

I get the results I want.

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Not of myself but here’s a Youtube video:

They are pretty expensive new, but I got a used one on Facebook Marketplace for $175. Be warned though, they take up more space than you might realize just from looking at a photo. They are also heavy as hell; if you get one, you’ll need someone to help you move it into position. All of that said, I really like mine.

I do train my neck it’s very helpful to prevent any shock or something else and it looks great

At the heart of martial arts lies a conundrum of suffering. How much should I suffer in order to suffer less?
Neck training is 100% bad for you. Those discs are very limited as far as their capabilities of regeneration are concerned.
Neck exercises are not safe at all.
Most old wrestlers are shot. But young, injured wrestlers are simply discarded and forgotten.

Some of the more holistic approaches, ie MMA are even more efficient in terms of self-mutiliation. You have 30 year old former athletes with destroyed hips, arthritic knees and dementia pugilistica. Cropcop suffered a stroke through progressive destruction.

If you’re grappling or sparring full contact, neck training is a must!
There can be no prescriptions. You are responsible for administering your own poison.

The steroids had nothing to do with it.

True, steroids might lead to plaque buildup, but that’s usually connected to overweight lifters or bulking bodybuilders. Crocop was in shape. His injury is not unknown in the grappling world. We’re talking about chronic cervical spine abuse: Guillotining & various holds and cranks, punches & kicks, neck exercises.

I almost had a stroke when Gonzaga kicked him in the head that time.

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