Do You Train In That!!?

Wait, people wear these?

[quote]Grimnuruk wrote:
Wait, people wear these? [/quote]

Um, like, duhhh…yes they do, LOL

the comfy, so-ugly-they’re-cute plastic shoes have logged more than $1.2 billion in sales, three-quarters of which was earned in the past year.

so apparently the end of the world is near : It’s the “latest step in our unending quest to dress as casually as possible,” talk-show host Bill Maher recently complained of the Crocs craze. “You know, I used to wear flip-flops, but they’re a little dressy. I want clothing I can hose down!”

Such caricatures of today’s consumers may seem extreme, but “just go to the malls, and you’ll see. It’s pajama pants, hoodies and flip-flops,” says Marshal Cohen, the chief industry analyst at the NPD Group, who estimates that the molded footwear business is now worth $2.2 billion a year.

I just read somewhere they keep getting caught in escalators. Wish I could find the link.

They can get chewed up in escalators. The company said it wasn’t their shoes but poorly maintained escalators.

Honestly though: soft material vs. moving metal teeth. Was there any question this would happen eventually? There is a solution though it’s called “execute some common sense and get off the escalator.”

Back on the subject of wearing these things though… Haha. No. I have something called taste.

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I didn’t even know they made them for men.

They don’t.

Oh, they do. Even Cabela’s is guilty of a camo version. Can you imagine a hunter walking to his blind, climbing a tree, gutting a kill, sitting around telling hunting stories. Not likely.