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Do You Tithe To Your Church Or Charity?


If so, do you give 10% or more/less? And is it to a church/religious organization or to charity or both?


I gave 150$ to the local christian radio station.


I grew up under a bunch of different christian organizations baptist, nazerene, lutheran, etc.

My parents were really trying to find where they belonged in the whole scheme.

They settled now but I've seen the whole bad side of the church organizations... nothing but a pyramid scheme.

So I attend church service from time to time, I feel like a hypocrit at times because I know what I did the night before (hehe)... but because I've see how money really gets used in some places I dont feel comfortable giving directly to the church, I know that a lot of people tithe directly to the church and that will keep it running.

Instead I've made it a practice that everytime I buy groceries, I buy some non perishable stuff and go out to skid row or wherever there are some bums and stuff or find the one's that walk through my apartment complex and hand out food and stuff.

I'd rather know that I'm doing something than find out I'm giving my money to build some already well off person's fortune.


If you do, do you have enough class not to talk about it?


I buy lottery tickets. That's kind of like tithing to the government. :slightly_smiling:

I agree with your approach Xen Nova. Giving directly to those who can use it most is admirable.

I am quite abrasive to any and all telemarketers who I don't screen out with call display, including those claiming to be calling for charities. However, when someone comes directly to my door, ( usually a neighbour, volunteering) I always hand out 20 bucks or whatever.

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If I wanted to show off I could, believe me.

Besides this is an open forum for DISCUSSION. I shared with everyone my method of giving back... I shared because maybe someone is in the same dillema I was in and thinks it's a good idea to give back directly.

if you're such a philanthropist... please share what you're doing to help the people in your community.


Sure. I believe you.

I didn't say I was anything, I just implied that it totally lacks class to discuss your own charitable contributions anywhere(open forum or not).


i tithe 10%. it maintains the church that i love being a member of and helps others around the world. maybe the distribution isn't perfect, but i definitly know that my pastor isn't rich.


I should have been more specific.

By how much, I mean "what % of your income?" rather than "What dollar amount?"


No, lottery tickets are a form of tax on those who can't do math.


You made it seem like in order to make a religious "right" for last night's activities you start giving food out to the needy.
I doubt you meant it that way though, cause thats just stupid.


I tithe to my local church. While no man made institution is perfect, the (Christian) Church represents the body of Christ on this earth.

Colossians 1:24:

"Now I rejoice in what was suffered for you and I fill up in my flesh what is sitill lacking in regard to Christ's afflictions for the sake of his body, which is the church."

It's great to give to other organizations and people who are in need. However, giving to others is not an excuse to avoid giving to your local Church.

Furthermore, I think the debate on whether to discuss such matters publicly is a personal decision. On the one hand bragging about giving is certainly bad form. On the other hand if you can encourage others to give by posting your own giving pracitices then it is certainly good form.


Not 10%, but I do give some of every paycheck to the Catholic Charities.


Well, being the anti-clerical bastard that I am, I have to say that's a better way to give back than many. And much less hypocritical. It also has that nice 'direct' feeling, instead of giving to a nameless church, you hand it out directly to those concerned. I like the idea.

But if you give an amount that'll make up for the past night's sins, those bums must be feasting indeed.


Tithing is mentioned in the Old Testament for the israelites as a way to pay their taxes and maintenance of the temple, that's because Israel was a Theocracy, the priests, prophets and king were the government, the New Testament believer is not required to do that, but we're required to be giving, generous and to do it without complaint, sometimes you may give 1% and sometimes you may feel in your heart to give 50%, just remember God prefers a cheerful giver, Paul also suggests that you make up your mind in your house what you'll want to give, that way you'll do it with joy, Paul also advises that you don't let anybody coerce you into giving more or less, because then you'll give with a bad attitude, and after all God looks the motive of our heart.


i give +/- 5% to my church, i'm catholic.

in my country sometimes there are 2 collections in mass, 1st one is for the church, 2nd for special needs, such as early this year for tsunami victims, last month for building new parish in papua, etc.

i felt giving to church is safer - at least in my country which is in the top 10 in corruption (no 6 if i'm not mistaken).
most likely the fund will go to the rightful recipients.
catholic or christian at large here are considered more honest (relatively). nobody's perfect.
sorry if my english is bad.


See, I knew jlesk and I had some common ground!


I can do math. $40,000,000.00 divided by 1 = $40,000,000.00 :slight_smile:

The newspaper did say last night that my odds of winning the $40 million are the same as me dropping dead 15 minutes after buying the ticket. So, if I suddenly stop posting, you know I won.


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I was brought up to always give at least 10% to my church. Some may not agree with it, but for me, I just feel like things go better in my life when I pay tithes.


Yeah, what he said.