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Do You Think This Is a Good Routine?


I have been lifting pretty hard for about 10 months now. But want to push it a little harder, I had lifted in high school about four years ago so I had a little strength still but nothing great. Over the past 10 months my maxes have gone from 195 to 280 on Bench, 315 to 405 on Deadlift and 225 to 310 on Squat. My weight has gone from about 170 to 200. I have been doing 5x5 once a week on each exercise but over the past month or so I feel like I am stuck at my current weights on all exercises so I wanted to change things up a little. So tell me what you think.

S-Rack Pulls 5x5, 1 arm pulls 3x10, abs
M-Bench(light) 3x8, Tris
W-Squat(heavy) 5x5 or 5x3?, Sled 5x5, leg curls 3x10, Biceps
F-Bench(heavy) 5x3, Decline 3x10
S-Deadlift 5x5, Squat(light) 3x5, 5x5 pulldowns


Pull ups, Rows, Cleans

SS or 5-3-1 would be good places to start looking before you try to customize your own program. You'll see tons of threads on this site and in articles that suggest going with a tried and true method to build your strength before customizing something for your self.


The nice thing about first getting into training hard is that almost anything you do can work to your benefit. I don't think the program you laid out is really optimal. I hear alot of folks talking about 5/3/1/ like it's the second coming of Christ so it might be worth a shot.

If you're focusing on powerlifting, start thinking of breaking your days up into training the lift and the supporting muscle groups.
i.e. bench: triceps, delts, lats
deadlift/squat: hams, hips, quads, lower back, abs.


I would edit as follows:

Sunday-drop the rack pulls and do good mornings. drop the 1 arm pulls, substitute a lighter squat variation like safety bar squats.
M-looks okay. I may swap your Sunday and Monday workouts so you're not doing heavy lower body stuff 2 days in a row.
T-do your sled work on your off day
W-looks good, drop the sled work since you're doing it on tues. do lats instead of biceps-bent over rows, 1 arm rows, or pullups.
F-drop the decline, do light tricep work as assistance
Saturday-looks okay, drop the pulldowns and do pull ups instead.

Of course, you weren't that explicit about your goals, but I am assuming you want to get stronger and add muscle.


Thanks for the input guys, yea my goal is mainly to get stronger and add muscle not real concerned about being cut or anything. I will have to put pull ups in GMs in there, never done GMs before so I expect to be pretty sore from them lol but thanks again. BTW what reps/set scheme do y'all suggest for the GMs and pull ups?


Start with 3x10 on GM's until you get the form down, then figure out what you want to get out of them. Nobody can tell you what rep scheme to use without context.

Pullups, get to where you can do 20, then decide your goal and either add weight or keep adding reps.


Juggernaut method or 5/3/1