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Do You Think This Is a Good Plan?


im 16 now and im probably sitting at about 16 or 17% bodyfat and i thought that the majority of my time will be on a bulk and for a few months get on really slow cuts for my teen years so when i become 20 or something and decide to get like at 8% bodyfat i would have a nice build of muscle i got in my teen years when my testosterone was high as phuck....wat do you guys think about this?

please respond


need help guys




wat do u mean jokes


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lift, eat, and sleep. You will thank me when your 20.


So your plan is to gain muscle? That's a good plan.


i went on bb.com and all of them said i should cut because i was "fat" but i have realized that i need to get a good build of muscle going and wanted to know if this was a good idea or if i need to just cut than start worrying about muscle


get a BBsplit recomended in the BB forum, or do 5/3/1 etc, gain 50lbs, increase all your lifts by 200%. EAT. then decide if you want to cut


Punctuation would really help clear up what the heck your question is. Or, better still, use the search function.

If you search this site and still have questions you just didn't search very well.

BTW, the question "I'm x years old and y% bodyfat, should I cut or bulk first?" has been answered for all possible values of x and y.



Do you have goals?

If abs are your goals then lose weight.
If having strength and muscle is your goal lift heavy and eat plenty of protein.

I'm not going to go in to too much detail about how to achieve either of these results as it seems you spent about 10 seconds asking your question so I will give you the same.