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Do you think that...


the professional MMA fighters occasionally look at these forums to see what people are saying about them?

this may be more of an off-topic thread, but I was just thinking about that the other day. I mean, they're human, they probably surf the web just like everybody else every now and then. Maybe some of them create accounts and pretend to be a fan and build themselves up or something? LOL, crazy but possible.

what do you think?


Probably not T-Nation, but some pros actually post on Sherdog and other MMA websites.


Probably not T-Nation. But I know that boxers do frequent the Eastsideboxing.com forums, and have referenced it before.


most of the pros do not frequent sherdog, I think a couple stop in every once in awhile for entertainment purposes only…Tank Abbott was friends with one of the owners and would cruise thru once in awhile. The one with the most pros that are regulars is mma.tv, but there’s also a lot of bullshit to wade thru too


probably not T-Nation, but i’m sure you can find them other mma-centered sites.