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Do You Think I Have Potential?


20 Years old college student. I began bodybuilding at 18 after full knee reconstruction which halted my rugby playing days. This injury also means that my legs are a weak point as I really struggle to squat heavy.

I have since heard of mens physique which has given me a slight bit of hope that I may actually be successful in a sport post surgery!
Let me know if you think I have the genetics to compete. Thanks for reading!


You're not advanced enough to have any real idea of how far your genetics can take you. But of course you can compete. Anyone can.

I'm curious what you can really get out of a thread like this though. Suppose people tell you "nope, your genetics suck. quit now." Would you quit? What if they said "great genetics, you'll go far!" Would you train harder, eat better? If either of these are the case, if you would put any stock in what others say about your potential based on one blurry selfie you posted on a bodybuilding website, you've got some real issues to deal with.

You need to work hard, and see where it takes you. Best of luck.


my thoughts exactly


Is my opinion going to magically change your genes?


I apologise I must have misread the section I posted this thread in, "Rate my physique"? You saying I have issues to deal with because I posted a picture up here could be said about any other person on any other thread and honestly is just stupid. I posted a picture up here in the hope i get the opinions of those more experienced than me. It's not hard to understand




well you obviously didn't read because you posed 1 picture and expect to be evaluated. But to answer your question if you have genetics to compete, the answer is yes, you do, even if they are good, bad, ok, you can compete. Post more pics but from the looks of it you are just starting out, but you're only 20 so you have a lot of time.


You're expecting people to judge your genetic potential from a few blurry, obscured, pictures. What were you expecting?

You probably should have:
A) Asked questions about where you are now and what you've achieved.
B) Posted pictures that allowed people to adequately judge this.


I was directly answering a question that you asked regarding your genetics. Since you didn't provide a genetic sample for us to evaluate, I did the best I could. If you truly just want a rating, ignore the comments and look at whatever number pops up for your thread. It will be somewhere between 1 and 10. Probably around 3-4.

Yes, you posted a picture. It's blurry and low quality. And it's 1 angle that is probably your favorite angle to take pictures from, so it's likely more favorable than other angles. If you're actually serious here about competing in the future, and want to be judged on the quality of your physique, you can post half a dozen shots, taken by someone else, with a decent camera and standard lighting. At the very least a straight-on shot would be nice. If you do this, and ask a more reasonable question like "which body parts are lagging? What should I do to improve my physique?" I can GUARANTEE you'll get more helpful responses.

You get back what you put in, and your first post was lacking in this respect. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. :wink:


Yes you have potential if you decide to use it.

Everyone has already said that you need to post some more pictures. If you need to know what pictures to post, you can start by reading the member rules to "Rate My Physique".

You look like you are just starting out but that's okay as this is a great journey to start. It's a rewarding journey if you have the persistence needed to build a great body.

Hope you don't get discouraged and you continue to train.

Best of luck.



Based on this one grainy photo which displays very little of you physique and no further information about training and diet, I am going to say no, you have no potential. Might as well give up now based on my expert guidance.

Also at 20 years of age you are far too old to still be using Lynx body spray. Be a man and buy proper cologne.


Ha I think he is messing OP although I'd like to know why you have a laptop in your bathroom. Anyway you have a very good frame (meso,ecto). With a good foundation there already and reasonable muscle, you'll probably look excellent with another few pounds of mass. Train hard.


I wasn't fooling, Lynx body spray is not for grown men :wink: