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Do You Think I Got Scammed?

I lost my domestic source so i ordered online for the first time from a site that i have gotten good reviews from over two months ago. Do you think i got scammed and should look else where or is this kinda wait normal when ordering online. Someone plz help

…what site did you order from

lol, just give us a hint, well figure it out, dont come right out and say it, thats not allowed.

well they are say they are advanced lol

Have you inquired to the online source as to what is taking so long? How long ago did they cash your money transfer?

My payment was processed 06/11/08 and they say it was shipped 06/12/08. I dont want to accuse people of being scammers, but i think it taking way to long, and this is the first time i have went online for gear so i really dont kno if this kind of wait is normal or not.

[quote]JimmyC111 wrote:
…what site did you order from[/quote]

ah whoops sorry everyone that meant to be a PM, didnt realize i hit reply, i wouldnt purposely ask something like that on a board :-x
but anyway, if its who i think youre talking about, i dont know anyone who has ordered from them so i dont know, although if it was shipped in mid june, id imagine you should have recieved it by now.
i suppose your best bet is to do as dynamo hum said and try to contact them

I think you might be talking about my source. If so, then 2 months is way too long. I usually get my junk about 7 days after ship. Maybe yours is stuck in the mail for some reason.

whenever i ordered from them it came within 7 days of shipping.

i dont use them as the quality is so bad sometimes, that their gear is unuseable… unless you know how to reduce BA content in a batch. Which luckily i do now… but still.


i just had the same problem with an online source … i am almost positive if you havent received anything after 10 business days, if you ordered domestic, your money is gone. i am not sure on how you can distinguish between reliable and a scam … trial and error i guess, you either lose your money or receive a product

It took about 2 weeks before I got mine, but I wasn’t real happy with the product anyway so I won’t order from them again.

[quote]mopchopper wrote:
I am almost positive if you havent received anything after 10 business days, if you ordered domestic, your money is gone.[/quote]

I am positive that you have not given it enough time. 10 days? Even for domestic that is asking for speed.
What if one item wasn’t in stock? What if the shipping is from the other side of the country? What if there is some other hold up?

They pretty much suck…if you do get it…you will probably wish you hadn’t. As Brook said alot of their stuff is completely unuseable due to intense pain and inflammatory reaction. I would not give that crap to a dog.