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Do You Think America Should Do More to Limit Hate Speech?


That is pretty funny. She likes the rugged mountain man type. I have a friend who thinks Norm Abram from This Old House is super hot. Lol. Middle-aged lumberjack type.

That sounds very pretty. I don’t think any parent loves it when older men start noticing their teenage daughters.

I’m not going to lie. With very few exceptions, I do not like the colorful hair trend. My youngest has done temporary pink in her hair, the kind that lasts for a couple of weeks. She’s our little rebel, so I have to let her find harmless ways to feel like she’s independent. I’m picturing her dad deciding to color his hair pink with her. I’m pretty sure that would kill the appeal completely. Kind of like when your kid decides to get a tattoo and you tell them you’ll get a matching one with them. Nobody wants a tattoo that matches their mom’s. Lol.

Exactly. And teasing you a little. I guess someone should start a serious thread about the Iran Nuclear deal, or North Korea. sigh… We’ve been debating the existence of God a lot lately, but not a lot of new political threads. I suspect people are busy.

@Mufasa, @thunderbolt23 - Hope you guys are doing well, and just busy planning a great summer vacation or something.


Note his fly.


Wow, he knocked his fly wide open…Bill is sprung!


She’s also the baby of the family… So, no I was not amused, wierdo motherfucker…

It’s almost all washed out. It was fun for a couple of weeks, but my shower looks like a heard of unicorn pissed all over it.


While I hate the idea of my speech being infringed, absolutely I do.

You don’t get a free pass to say literally anything you want because our government deems it so. Our government is wrong about all kinds of shit. Just because I am physically able to completely condemn your entire race verbally, doesn’t mean it should be tolerated. I can go outside and blow my neighbor away for slamming his car door, I have the capacity and tools required, but that isn’t tolerated.

If I woke up tomorrow and hate speech was a felony offense, it would have literally 0 impact on my life.

Unfortunately there is a fine line between “hate speech” and the new offensive word of the week. There would have to be a grandfather clause or something on it.


“Hate speech” can be whatever an aggrieved group says it is. The sentence: “Boys and girls are drawn to different career paths.” Is hate speech in some circles.


I think if someone believes making hate speech a felony would have zero impact on his life, he is overly optimistic. It would be the end of comedy, drama, history, philosophy, literature, and even science.


I think you’re being kind - it’s overtly ignorant, myopic, and self-centered.


No you don’t. And there are laws on the books that address this.

But 5-10 years of someone life and freedom is not an fair or amicable exchange for saying something bad that someone else doesn’t like.


Or worse, saying something true that someone else doesn’t like.


Hey! I resemble that remark!

edit: If words got people put in prison, I’d still be there after a few conversations with one of my sisters baby-daddy. One can only call themselves a full grown man while living with their mother so many times before I tell them what they actually are.


So you’ll be the only “adult” male in that kid’s life. My nephew went through 4 dipshit “dads” in the 15 years I’ve been with his aunt. Dummy is repeating his dad’s mistakes now too. So aggravating to watch.


Yeah you guys are right. Didn’t word that well, or think it through. I think blatant racism is my line, but yeah, anything can be offensive or hateful if someone deems it so.


The government doesn’t deem it so, that’s is the whole point of the bill of rights. The right is inherent and the government can not restrict it. It’s a big difference.

Just saw this


This kind of things scares me. I’m afraid this is where the left wants to take us.


Not enough Americans are willing to shed blood, sweat, or tears to remain free. The libs are Socialist/ communist in disguise and more people need to wake up.


And what party did the mayor of NYC belong to when stop and frisk was initiated? Did any conservatives rally against that violation of the 4th Amendment? Under whom was the Patriot Act enacted and the DHS created?


Once again, a gun owner was shot by a policeman after informing him he had a legally owned gun in his vehicle.

Where was the NRA and “they’re taking our freedom” crowd?


Better judged by 12 than carried by 6–or something like that–is NOT the kind of sentiment that should be taught in police academies. But it happens.


Hey me too! At least I wouldn’t have to worry about you as a cell mate… Right? No messing with my asshole and I won’t mess with yours