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Do You Tell Your Doctor You’re On Gear?

I’m on a test e 500mg/w and Winstrol 40mg/ed cycle at the moment.

I have an appointment for a varicose vein treatment (sclerotherapy) in a few days (I’ve had these veins long before I started taking gear). It should be a very easy procedure, but the doctor will need go give a local anesthetic.

So he’ll ask if I’m on any medication. Do I absolutely need to tell him what I’m taking? Gear is not exactly legal in my country, so I would rather not mention it. At the same time, I’m concerned about it having a negative effect on the anesthesia and/or sclerotherapy (basically an injection of a solution into the varicose vein)

What do you guys usually say when seeing a doctor?

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I recently got blood work done before I started my
first cycle. Some things came back off so I went to my physician and told him I’m getting ready to start using steroids so I got these labs done and here’s what they look like.

We ran some more labs, everything was ok. He discouraged me from using steroids but also told me if I’m going to, don’t be afraid to reach out to him if I have any health concerns.

If my doctor asks if I’m on any medication, then I tell him. It would be unwise not to tell him in my opinion in case you need to get prescribed for some underlying issue. It is legal in my country but it shouldn’t matter because of patient/doctor confidentiality. He’ll probably say its not a good idea but you’ve already made your choice and are aware of the risks I would hope.

Could go in your medical record; could be another reason for your life insurance to be denied should something happen. That said, I personally wouldn’t be on if I had a procedure coming up.

I live in Canada so that doesnt effect us. I always tell them, usually they are pretty respectfull about it. They warn me about kidney damage and do a little extra tests on me which is good

In the States, if you get any controlled substances by prescription, your DR will see these if he or she places an order for any other types of controlled substances. It’s to ensure that your not get prescribed through multiple sources.

im in the UK and ive told my GP i was using and now everything i go to him for he tries to link to the steroids, even things i suffered with before i started taking them. i feel it means i dont get the right treatment or response from because he tries to see it as a gear side effect instead of a illness. but saying that for something important like an operation it would make sense to let them know just incase anything goes wrong (god forbid)

I never tell about the gear. I’ve had surgery and sinuplasty last year and never told them shit. My PCP discovered it only from running blood work in relation to a PSA test.

It WILL go in your file. My ex was a medical records tech and she told me there are TONS of people who lay eyes on your file. HIPPA or not.