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Do You Take a Shower at the Gym?


After getting in a good workout I like to hit the sauna and take a nice long shower. Since I'm paying for it I use the gyms water. I would say that 60% or better of the men and a higher % of women just go get in their cars without a shower.

I see racquetball players that just change shirts and get in their car. The majority of spinning class, cross fit, and lifters come out dripping and do the same.

I asked a couple of the women I know why they go home sweaty and they said they didn't want to see or be seen by other women. So, do you get clean or just get in your car nasty?


Towel on the seat


My gym is just barely sanitary enough to work out in, much less to clean myself.

Fuck, I take of my shoes to do karate in the cardio room, my feet are black before I'm done usually.


If Im not working (gym manager) after my session I go home. It's a five minute drive and my shower is better.


i live 5 minutes walk from my gym, so i dont bother. plus, im always too hot and sweaty right after a workout. so if i have a shower right after a workout, i cant cool down and just keep sweating. i like to wait at lest 30 minutes or so before having a shower.



mostly because im not 80 years old with bullet holes in my ass.

but if i did, i'd make sure to dry myself off under the ovheard blower. fuck towels, whether it be to cover your ass and balls to dry yourself off with. pssh who needs em?


I usually run/walk home so I take my shower when I get home. Plus the heating at the gym is so messed up that you're lucky if the showers even manage 32 degrees. And you have to push the button every 2 minutes so they don't turn off and you have to wait for it to heat up again.

I get kind of grossed out too, I saw this woman take a razor and shaving gel into one. I was like "errr... no"


I can stay 30+ minutes in my shower at home without anyone complaining :smiley: (rent is all included no charges).


What doesn't make sense is people who act like they MUST shower at the gym. How many people have you showered behind that might have shaved in that shower who have hepatitis or worse? I shower at home and frankly, unless you are going straight to work, on a date or somewhere else that makes going home out of the question, you tell me why it makes more sense to shower at the gym right behind people whose medical health and hygiene may be questionable?

I sweat all day long. What makes getting into my car THAT time so special?


The only times I've showered at the gym was the handful of times I've used the pool to swim laps, and then it's been every time.


Good point. Who knows what the ass before you did in that shower. It does not all go down the drain. I rather shower at home and take my chances with what my wife did before I got in the shower.


When I was working as a fisherman, I showered once a week whether I needed to or not. Hygiene is important, kids.


If you saw my gym, you wouldn't either. But then again, I cycle home so it would be pointless.




Sure, I shower at the gym. Great place to get in some contrast showers after a long day.


during the school year i typically lift before classes start so i do shower in the gym. I don't really care if anyone sees me naked to be honest..I also have not seen anything gross happening in the gym showers to make me think it is not sanitary to be in there. I do think it is funny when i see guys taking a shower with swimming shorts on, but it's not like i am craving to see any dicks or anything.

Most of the guys that take showers at my gym are 30years old+ OR they were not born in the united states. meaning, i see very little white males less then 30 years old shower




Workout at home, so i have to head from the summer house to inside to shower.. all the more hardcore gyms don't have showers around here as far as i know.. so unless i go to a "fitness centre"..


I lift on my lunch break, so yes, I shower @ the gym


Use to shower at the gym if I was going to work, then one day my foot started itching. Haven't considered showing at a gym since then. Lift at home now so it doesn't matter.