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Do You Take a Pre-Workout?


I own stuff but normally only use a cup of coffee if working out at home. Do you use a pre workout?




For a while I would mix a cup of coffe, a scoop of protein and a tablespoon of corn starch, but why ruin a good cup of coffee?


Yeah, I normally have some coffee then some creatine & beta alanine.


I have a pre-workout meal. PWO products, no. Coffee, yes.

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I used to, but it would jack up my performance, in the form of unnecessary anxiety.

I just eat a decent amount of carbs, and take my b-12 vitamins before training


Food + coffee.


Just two cups of white rice for me.


I like to train fasted, so I take some eaa’s and bcaa’s before I lift.


Yes. At the moment I’m using original Jack3d, however I’ll be using original Centurion Labz Rage soon


I recently read a study that preworkouts do not improve performance, just our estimation of our performance (ex: my lifting session was an 8/10 but I perceived it as a 10/10). I spent so much money on this stuff over the years, but like others noted, just stick to coffee. It gives you all you need, and it’s cheaper and probably healthier.

The only downside is, preworkouts are fucking delicious (in my mind) and the ritual is fun. I like to put Mio and some sea salt in water for intra-workout hydration that tastes good.


Caffeine, or Tyrosine occasionally.


I have all but quit pre-workout supplements due to anxiety. I still put a little instant coffee in my protein here and there. I really liked 1MR, except for the anxiety and paranoia that came with it.


Original C4 for me. I train in the evenings so I find the caffeine uplifting. It also has B6, B12, and L-Arganine, so it serves as my daily dosage for those supps. I try to get my pwo carbs at lunch using low GI, like an apple or something. If I have anything else right before workout, it’s typically a scoop of whey isolate in water.


no. they mess up with my sleep quality. even if i took in the afternoon. So, just coffee at work, and a complex high carb, mid protein, low fat meal 2h before workout.


Tried it briefly when training at 6 am, made no difference to actual weights and reps. Interestingly I lifted on Friday after a light breakfast and a 600 cal fast the day before, hit PBs. Even though I felt lethargic going in, obviously all in the mind for me.


I train fasted also, but I do take a drink containing carbs 20g, 15ml MCT oil and 20g BCAA’s 15 minutes before I train. I drink half before and during.



Shit works.


6g citrulline malate
5g creatine
5g leucine
3g beta alanine
3g arginine AKG
0.5g theanine
0.5g NA T Tyrosine
0.5g Magnesium citrate
0.1g Multivitamins

I wash it down with an espresso 1 hour before workout


Then you are not training fasted.