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Do You Still Go to GNC?


Hey everyone,

I tried to go into GNC for the last time on saturday. I was going in to get a box of Big 100's and some Jack3d, just to try out. I brought it all up to the counter and the damn guy starts blabing away on how i should get this and that and this. I said i was all set, but he was still going! I ended up walking out, and didnt even bother getting the stuff. I hate that place so damn much.
How many people still go to GNC?



Haven't been to GNC in a long time, I hit The Vitamin Shoppe sometimes and they are always very nice there and don't plus sale too much. The big thing I don't like about GNC is their product selection, and they ALWAYS would try to push their GNC brand on everything. I've tried it, and it is terrible.


I like going to GNC every once in a while- i got two bottles of 180 ct 5000 IU vit d for 20$ once. Usually since I know the guy pretty well i can get good discounts, even a free can of spike every once in a while.


I go simply to get my whey and anything else I'm out of and need immediately until I can get it online. When they start blabbing on and on I just tell them I'm all set and continue to give one word answers, which quickly devolve into grunts to all attempts to sell me things I do not need.


GNC has the most annoying fucks working behind the counter. DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS SUPPLEMENT HAS THIS AND THIS IN IT THAT WILL MAKE YOUR THIS DO THIS!? I understand they are salesmen but damn they need to turn it down when they see a person already knows what the fuck he wants(and wont buy into the newest product craze).


Dude, don't go to GNC.

They have outrageous prices (I mean seriously... they're probably 20-40% higher than most other places) and the employees get compensated for selling GNC shit instead of other brands.

That's why the last time I went there they tried selling me goddamn chewable vitamins, fiber supps, this and that and everything you could imagine yourself not wanting.

...don't shop at GNC.


What is there to hate? The average person who walks in there doesn't know anything and they take advantage by selling them a bunch of overpriced extra stuff.

If the consumer doesn't take the time to research what their buying, it's THEIR fault for overpaying.

When I first joined a gym I remember buying my whey from there. I also remember a guy who came in to complain about a fat burner not working.


GNC is a complete wasteland and no intelligent person should be going there.

If your smart, you research what you should be buying for your specific training goals, then find those products at the cheapest prices on the internet.



If you're on this site you should know you can get quality supplements delivered to your door for free. Save your gas, order from Biotest.


GNC sells Spike. Only reason I go in.




Certain brands offer compensation for selling their product too.


Only go in if I'm passing by, and this is only to buy a can of Spike. Other than that, the place is a joke


Yes, it's very close and they have pretty good deals in RTD shakes every now and then.

They don't bend over backwards pushing their brands on me or anything.

Like I imagine most of us do, the vast majority of the stuff I buy is from the interwebs.


I bought some creatine there. That wasn't too expensive if i remember correctly. I probably wouldn't buy anything else there. Well I guess i definitely wouldn't because creatine is the only sup i take.

A little side story... This kid comes in (the day i was buying creatine), about 150lbs soaking wet and tells the overweight lady behind the counter that he wants to get bigger. She goes off on a tantrum about a million things he should buy to get bigger. It's sad because this kid is gonna blow soo much money on supplements and make zero progress in the gym


I go to GNC for one supp, because it is the only place I can find it, and the price is the same(if not lower with my Gold Card) as online. The only thing they usually offer(and they do the same at VS) is, 'Are you all set on vitamins?'


This and only this

A local Vitamin Shoppe is also good for this, from time to time. I remember scoring a case of Isopure RTDs, 12 for ~$6 as the dude charged me $0.50/per -- that come up just about made my month


I used to work at one, and even with the employee discount it was cheaper to shop online. I did get a lot of compliments for actually knowing enough to help people. That was nice.

IMHO, the only GNC branded thing worth a shit are the vitamins. Not the packs, mind you, I'd go with >brand X<, but the regular mega-men/women's vitamins.


I go there every now and then for a shaker bottle. Probably paying way too much for it, too.


Sometimes if I need some flax and don't feel like driving to Vitamin Shoppe.