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Do You Stick to Your Meal Plan?

I’m proud to say I actually follow my meal plan, although the foods aren’t set in stone 100%, I always intake the same amount of calories and lets say if it’s beef I should eat, I’ll still substitute it with another meat like chicken or anything else. But yeah I’m posting this cause a little while ago I wasn’t following mine 100% and sometimes missing a meal but I just read that article on Top 3 Nutritional Mistakes, and it’s 100% true.

I’m feeling a lot stronger during the day also from not missing any. I’m averaging about 7-8 meals a day (including snack meals). Anyways how are you guys measuring up?



Yes as well

If you’re not then you’re holding yourself back. The 90% rule might be cool for some, but I’d prefer an extra 10% results.

I follow my meal plan. My 10% accounts for alcohol. :slight_smile:

A strict nutrition plan has worked well for me. It has been just over a year in which I have kept track of everything I have eaten. My meals are set in stone, and proteins are the only thing I tend to switch around.

I can count on both hands the number of cheat meals I have had within the last 12 months. These meals were allways planned and remained consistent with my diet. Next fall I will be attempting the rule of 90%, during which my cheat meals will be scheduled as well.

Although I may not follow through due to OCD, the simplicity of consistency and the results I have obtained during this year.

During the week, yes. On the weekends it’s a little tougher. I only see my wife on the weekends right now so of course we want to get out and eat/drink (not too much).

I hate the way I feel on Mondays after not eating right. As I get closer down to my ideal weight I am going to have to keep my weekends strict…still transitioning from stuffing my face in the winter.