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Do You Sell a Program Strictly for Muscle Growth?


Hey Paul. I’m wondering if you have any free program strictly for muscle growth, or you have a program like that for sale somewhere? I don’t care about strength and athleticism, i only want maximum muscle growth.


The Super Soldier. But I’m working on a new book that is 100% hypertrophy based right now.

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Ok Paul. Any idea of when that book will be out? Thanks, and happy easter!


I really don’t have any idea right now as I’m actually focused on finishing this carb cycling book, which all of the people in my recomp and hypertrohpy group are having ridiculous results with.


Will purchase this. You have a release date scheduled or still work in progress? (Referring to carb cycling)


Probably within the next two months. I want to run more people through the program to fine tune it before I release it.

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That’ll be about perfect timing for me. Looking forward to it sir!


Mr Paul I’m really interested in joining your recomp body group if possible.


I will be opening up the next group within the next three weeks.

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Where can we get more info on this?


Email me. paul@lift-run-bang.com