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Do You See Any Reason Why I Missed on This Third DL Attempt?

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100% this. Plus the other stuff from Chris and @T3hPwnisher

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I used to have a determination problem when deadlifting, and even started a thread called “I’m 16 and my deadlift sucks”. My main problem wasn’t strength, it was how strong I thought I was. Since learning to commit to the pull, I hit massive PR’s in a short time period. Just don’t let yourself give up

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I’ve seen a lot of these posts and like Chris said, I’m curious why you’re doing 90-95+% singles all the time. Especially when your numbers are lower. You’re in dire need of reps and practice. Lower your TM and start getting 8-10 on your 1+ week then build from there. Since this is posted in the PL forum I’m assuming you plan to compete, so if you use this as more of an off season plan you could get a lot of out it if your reps are higher now on 5/3/1.

From my watching, you didn’t set your lats in the first video, meaning your shoulders were high and the bar was out in front.

In the second you half heartedly set your lats, the bar got away from you and you, probably wisely, didnt grind it out.

In the third you got better scapular depression, and when the bar started getting away you pulled it back towards you. The bar definitely stayed closer on pull 3.

Might just be me, but it also seems you spend a lot of time bent over before you pull with your hamstrings stretched. This can fatigue your hams enough to make a pull harder. If you have to fiddle around with your hand set up, bend your knees a little then get the tension up once you’re ready.

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Very interesting comments so far, and I now notice a lot of the comments that people are making regarding the set up, path, etc.

Of particular interest is the comment about getting 8-10 reps on the 1+ day. How do people feel about this? I thought that anything greater than 1 (even 2) would be good, but if the general consensus is that 8-10 is the target, then I need to go back through my log and see where I can get to that target.


5/3/1 is another story, but all I can say for sure is that you need to get a decent amount of work in with good technique, and max singles are the last thing that you need right now.

By chance, have you read any of Jim’s books on his program?

Probably not by chance…although, unlikely he read them on purpose, either.

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People get 8-10 on 1+ week??

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I ran 5/3/1 for quite awhile, and I can’t remember a plus set where I got under 5 in any week. I’d get stuck around 6 or 7 with my bench, but typically my DL would be up in the teens, no matter the weight, and same with my squat. I just don’t think of it as my ‘heavy’ week…it’s just another week, and I had numbers to beat.

Hmm… I can get 8-10 on 5+ and 6-8 on 3+ weeks but just 3-5 on 1+ weeks. Must be a mental factor at play too. I’ve only pushed past 10 on DL once and I let form break down on that one. I’m at 85% TM too. Guess I’m just weak lol

Tyipically when I start a 5/3/1 program I get about 8ish reps on the 1s week.


Got it. Thanks Pwn! For a second I thought I was doing something wrong

To clarify, when I say the 1s week, I mean the 3rd week in the cycle (where you have your 1+ week)

Crap, I read that wrong. I thought you said 1sT week

In that case, let’s go with this then haha

This isn’t a flame- just an honest question: you’ve started probably a dozen threads here and received probably close to 100 replies about bracing, setup, technique, etc. but your form has not changed whatsoever- do you plan on implementing anything you’ve been told? Again, I’m not trying to insult you, but you look like you’re bending down to pluck a dandelion, not pull some weight off the floor.


Could just mean your TM is too high.


Dead lifts are weird like that. With bench, squat and to some level press, there is a sense of self preservation in completing a rep. Deal lifts not so much.
I really need to spend time working my head into heavy dead lifts. Work up some adrenaline.

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that thread is exactly what came to mind when I saw this. Spot on. Lack of sustained effort is a big part of the problem here.

And I also agree with other posters on here regarding the training as a whole. A couple months ago this guy was advised to lower the weight he’s using for training purposes, and he clearly has not listened. And not surprisingly, he is also weaker than he was 2 months ago.

Volume, accompanied by strong effort, are key, and both lacking, it seems.