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Do You See Any Reason Why I Missed on This Third DL Attempt?

Hello. Here are two videos. My first DL attempt, which I made (I also made the second). Then on the third I had a big fail (two tries).

Do you see any differences? Or do you have any thoughts on why I missed the third attempt? I warmed up fine, this was my first working set, and I’ve done this weight before (actually 5 lbs more in the past). Thanks.

Looks like not enough leg drive in the beginning, with a really bent over start. I’ll let other people chime in too.

The first looked loose with soft knees. The lifting shoes could be pitching you forward. Maybe more of a shin angle/upright body could help you?

Your back rounded more in the 2nd video, looks like you weren’t tight enough. Aside from that, don’t expect to be with 5lbs of your best single at all times. And in any case, you would be better off working on your technique with lighter weights (70-80%) rather than doing heavy singles.

First video is a technical fail, your knees aren’t locked at lockout. Squeeze your glutes and stand straight up rather than leaning back.

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Mostly what Chris said. You are training close to your max too often (based on videos I have seen on T-nation).

It’s really hard to be pulling rep after rep at weights that don’t look or feel cool, but it is what will get you the big lift on the platform. If you want to pull a heavy single every couple months go ahead, but most of your training should be closer to 250 lbs.

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You just weren’t strong enough for a third rep.

As @chris_ottawa you leaned too far back in the first video which keeps your knees soft and hips from locking out. Think lockout with glutes not lower back.

Wow. Lots of great comments so far! Let me go back and look at my videos again!!

Regarding training close to my max, you are probably right. I was talking to a bro who was pitching me on that 70/85/90% method (sort of like 5/3/1) and I could not get my head around it. I am trying to do linear progression (add a little weight each time) but perhaps I am at the end of that. I think I should ask a question on the programming forum and do some more programming research.

Just pick up a copy of 5/3/1 and choose one of the beginner templates.

5/3/1 boring but big is a favorite of mine because it requires no thought what so ever.

@chris_ottawa probably has some good 5/3/1 suggestions.


5’s progression, joker sets (for 5’s, and not max effort 5’s, stop short of technique breakdown), opposite fsl 5x5. If you are going to compete in powerlifting then do close grip bench as the main lift on your 2nd upper body day, that and OHP can both be done with the regular 5/3/1 amrap scheme.

I get the feeling that all that volume with such light weight is no use. Did you hear about that recent sarcoplasmic hypertrophy study? They did sets of 10 with light weight far from failure and increased sarcoplasm size but lost myofibrillar size, which means non-functional hypertrophy. No use for strength at all.

5x10 with 70% of your TM is light weight?

Last I heard it was 50% of your training max (which would equal about 42-45% of your 1rm). If your TM is 85% of your 1rm then 70% = 59.5, which is pretty much the bare minimum but could work.

Personally, I think that working on technique and some work with moderately heavy weights (which joker sets on 5’s progression will give you) combined with some direct hypertrophy work, like a couple sets of leg press for the quads, would be better. But I’m not Jim Wendler either.

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It’s month1 50% month2 60% month3 70% if doing the BBB challenge.

Personally I did 55, 62.5 70% when I did it. 50% was too easy a the time.

There’s a million ways to skin a cat.

I like BBB because you get 50+ reps to dial in technique and it’s just darn simple.

I don’t read too much 5/3/1 so I’m not sure about all the other options out there.

This is also why I have someone do my programming a lot

I wouldn’t do it, that’s all I can say. Unless the goal is just to look bigger and weigh more it’s not the way to go.

Three things I see:
Looks like you are not getting tight enough
Looks like you need more leg drive, push your feet through the floor with your legs
Weightlifting shoes are shifting your set up forward, try barefoot or a flat shoe a few times to see if there is a difference.

Hips were too high, used too much back and not enough leverage imo.

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You don’t use your glutes at all once the bar gets to your knees. You are using all lower back instead of thrusting your hips into the bar.

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Hello. Do you see any reason why I missed the first two DLs but hit the third? I think my form was essentially the same.

For background, this DL was the “1+” in the 5/3/1 cycle in my 2nd week. Also, immediately prior to doing the DLs, I did the 5 cycle on squats (started the third week) because I will be traveling and cannot train (I know I am a little off on the 5/3/1). On the squats, I got 10 on the “5+”.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Maybe not enough rest, but why did I hit it on the third try? Did I not grind it out enough on the first two? Thanks.

Looks like the bar got out in front of you in the first two videos (drifted forward away from your shins), it looked nice and tight on the third. Outside of that, the first looked like you would have had it, had you just committed to the pull, the second definitely appeared to drift too far forward, and the third, obviously, was a success!

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Bar is drifting out in front of you on all the pulls, but you manhandled it on the third.

Your TM is way too high for 5/3/1 dude. Scale it back.


Maybe a lack of determination. You didn’t really get stuck, you just lifted it a few inches and put it back down. Or you just didn’t pull hard enough. In the 3rd video you are in the same position at the same spot that you failed before, so it’s not a technique breakdown. EDIT: that’s only on the first video, in the 2nd the bar drifted too far forward.

You set up more bent over than necessary, your shoulders are way in front of the bar, and that makes it hard to keep the bar from drifting forward.

How come you’re always attempting max singles? That’s not a very good way to be training.