Do You Recognize that Beard?

So I’m getting started at the gym last night, and this guy walks in that I’ve never seen in there before. I normally wouldn’t notice someone new, but it was slower than usual. His jet black, super crazy beard might of had something to do with it. I’m talking super dark, Billy Mays style beard.

At first glance, I thought it was Billy Mays…but this guy had > 20’’ arms,… and then there’s fact that Billy Mays died recently.

This guy looks crazy familiar, but I keep thinking it’s the beard.

By the time I get home it hits me…Steve Blackman!

He’s a former WWF wrestler, who started off as a bodybuilder. It turns out he is from the area, and still lives nearby. I never take my phone in, so I didn’t get a picture, but I will make an exception if I see him in there again.

I might even put a boombox in my car with his entrance song…just in case.

I just remember his “character” in WWF was going insane, sometimes with a kendo stick. His name was Ultimate Weapon or Weapon something? I could be wrong.

How’s he looking now physique wise?

He looks a little thicker than his wrestling days, and his arms are massive. At first glance, you definitely think bodybuilder. Yeah, I looked it up and he was the “lethal weapon”.

Apparently, he has his own gym and trains people for MMA. At least thats what I was told by a credible local source. If I see him again, I’ll definitely talk to him.

I bet I could kick his ass.

Didn’t I see some dude on Tosh.O like that? Or was it the back version of this guy?