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Do You Really Know T-mag?

Which of the following statements about the T-mag staff is true?

A) TC has a naked picture of Bill Phillips’s girlfriend hanging in his house.

B) Tim Patterson has been known to open and close switchblades in meetings.

C) Chris Shugart once taught an abstinence-based sex education class.

D) Christian Thibaudeau’s parents are both psychologists.

E) All of the above are true.

Reply with your answer. We’ll draw one name out of those who answer correctly to win a Testosterone T-shirt and a bottle of <a href="http://tstore.biotestedge.com/index.jsp"target=“new”>SURGE!

I know CT said his parents were both psycologists but I’m gonna say they’re all true.

It’s gotta be “E”


E, all the way!

My test taking skills tell me that “E” is the correct answer.


E) All of the above are true.

The answer is D.

Although Chris taught a sex education class, there’s nothing to indicate it was abstinence based, as far as I can tell.


D. He said it in his t-mag interview.

E- all of them


E is the correct answer

D - for sure.

I have to say D, since it’s the only one I can confirm.

…and the answer is E

e) all the above (I would have to see the picture to believe it though :slight_smile: )



E baby!