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Do You Really Control Your Own Life?


I've heard it said that no one controls your own destiny and you control it. That sounds good to say but is that really the truth? There are millions of unemployed, whose lives have been drastically altered through no fault of their own, but by the decisions of other people they don't even know.

So if other people's decisions can control your financial well being, do you really control your own life, or is it something we just like to think?


you cannot change the wind but you can adjust you sails


"Destiny" implies the future, not present. Consider that.

I think we can control how respond to the present and how we prepare for uncertainties but we cannot ignore the influence of others on our lives nor should we ignore the influence we exert on others.


^my face when I control OP's life remotely


It's the government's fault by disincentivizing labor by taxing it.


What he said. It's the choices you make after the shit hits the fan.



This is dumb.


I also thought Orion's quote was awesome.


I've found that if someone wants something bad enough they generally tend to get it.


I'd like to watch Clip and HeadHunter play chess.


Our economic destinies are currently being controlled by madmen/criminals/liars.








Seriously though, some people are dealt shitty hands.

How you choose to deal with it is what separates you from the crowd. If you think someone else controls your life, then there is no doubt they do.


I moved from one coast to the other right after the economy tanked without having a job lined up. Two months later I was employed and two years later I'm making 10K more than when I got here. Nothing and no one stands in my way. It's all about attitude, determination and the choices you make.


You may be employed, but someone else decided you would be employed. Some people just get lucky or have connections.


So, who controls your life Clip?


the illuminati