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Do You Realize How Rare We Are?


Over 35 is a rarity. If you are still kicking ass and I don't care how you do it, you are special. If you keep it up you are in the one tenth of one percent. We all have one thing in common, tenacity! We never say die and we never say quit.

We have taken a break and now we are back, or we never left. I don't have a log on this site but I read each and every one of yours. You all inspire me. I lift as a Powerlifter and I see how much you guys keep going and are always asking questions on how to get better.

I've read about injury and family issues and just coming back. YOu all deserve to be proud to keep on with training, nutrition, and life.



I agree. What's the alternative though? Do we just lie down and wait to die? I truly believe that some people reach a point in their life that that is exactly what they do. I mean this in a figurative sense because if you actually just laid down and waited to die, people would get tired of stepping over you.

The biggest thing that getting involved in powerlifting has done for me (besides hooking me up with a great guy) is to make me realise that all the really cool things in my life haven't already happened. I may stay with this sport or I may do something else but my age isn't going to be a limiting factor.


You have to die of something right?!

If you live life the wrong way you will someday meet a cardiologist. If you live life the right way you will meet an orthopedist instead.

Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.


I'm not tenacious, just stubborn. Besides, lifting keeps me out of trouble. Most of the time.


I had a bumper stick on my car in the 70's that read,
"How can I soar with the Eagles when I work around a bunch of Turkeys?".



You had a car in the 70s? Jesus you are old. I had a bike with baseball cards clipped to the spokes and a Hulk lunchbox. Ty for making me feel young.


Thanks, Big Bencher, for this.


The 70's were awesome. You missed out...Here's something to make you feel younger.

When I was a kid in the 60's we cut off the forks on junk bikes and extended our stingray bikes front forks into Bad Ass chopper bikes. The baseball cards had to be the right brand in order to get the right sound. Pretty cool until you hit a pot hole and the forks flew off.

First car was a stock 56 ford F100 in 1975 which I customized. Jesus, it was only 20 years old then. It would be worth a small fortune now. All of my HS buddies had late 60's muscle cars handed down from their dads.

Here's the real deal. I'm hitting lifetime PR's right now. Even tonight. Very cool indeed.


Hitting lifetime PR's in "old age" is something special. My motivation now is to be stronger at 45,50,55+ than I was in my twenties and keep it going as long as I can. And the longer we keep going the rarer we'll all be. I have so much respect for all those lifters on here, who despite work and family commitments still manage to hit the iron.


I'm 36 and started lifting again after 15 years. I had been feeling tired all the time and kind of depressed with the economy hitting my job hard but now the lifting gives me something to focus on and gives me discipline. I know now I look and feel better now then I have since I was 18! Dont let the things in life you cannot control destroy you as a man. If you are sitting on the couch depressed then get your a** up and lift!!!


I dont know how rare I am. At least in the world of serious lifters. General population maybe.


You are a pup lad, I'm 41 and want to be able to play with my 2 kids (3 and 1 yo), ..and of course to look good "nikked" ... with no gut.
and to lift more than some people at my gym.


Now you guys are talkin', I had one of those Stingray bikes with the banana seat and extended forks. First car in '77 was a POS '68 VW beetle. Beat the hell outa that car.


Had one of the original "Spider bikes" with the high handle bars, banana seats, and extended forks, DZ. Had "The Man From Uncle" collector card in the spokes for the flapping sound. First motorized vehicle was a hand me down Honda 90 when I turned 14, first 4 wheel vehicle at 16; '63 VW van, sucked for drivin' but great for the drive-in. Upgraded to a '69 Mustang, Boss 302. Left it with a cousin, who promptly totaled it, when I went in the service. Never considered myself rare, more like well done.


yes, we all built that bike. ape hanger handlebars, banana seat and a real tall sissy bar.

my first ride was a '69 chrysler new yorker 2 door. had a big ass 440 in it. we could fit 8 of us in the car, with all our skis in the trunk. bought it in 1979.

Of course, I am far younger then elder cousin harry.


I saw a physio the other month about a hamstring pull. she said that I am already in the top 5% of my age group for strength and such and that I should try to reachieve about 80% of my old strength, I am just past 40. Fuck that, I still want to deadlift 500lbs before I croak.


Almost 40. My kids at once keep me young but add grey hair. I have to get huge-er before the girls start bringing boys home........


I have two boys so I have to get huger to fend off crazy dads of girls they bring home.


My goal is 400 before I'm 50. I have 4 years.


I am 44, started lifting again 3 years ago after a 20+ year layoff. There were a few short periods in that 20 years where I picked up the weights again. But I got side tracked by life's demands.

This go around I have gained 30 lbs, increased my strength to near the levels of my 20's, and improved the way I feel. I have to give credit to my training partners for helping me stay motivated. My son is one of my lifting partners and that has been a good thing for both of us.

I had a yellow bike with the chopper forks, banana seat, Ape hangers, high sissy bar, and the card in the spokes.
First car was a hand me down 1970 F-100 from my dad. It had a white cab, red truck bed, blue vinyl bench seat and hub caps from a chevy caprice. It also had 3 gas tanks due the gas shortage of the 70's. One tank behind the seat maybe 18 gals, and a left and right side saddle tank under the bed. I think it held over 60 gallons. My dad drove the truck to Mass with the family (me & my brother in the back under a topper sitting on an old station wagon seat bolted to a sheet of plywood) one year to visit my Grand father. We lived in Fl so it was a long ride. We were almost there when the truckers decided to strike and the gas stations started to ration gas worrying they would run out. The lines were terrible and you could only buy like 5 gallons. My dad was able to get enough gas to get us there. But it was touch and go. We were not sure if we would make it. My grandfather (who owned a gas station) made sure we wouldn't get stuck without gas going back home. Grandpa put the two extra tanks on the truck and filled them up so we could get down the road. We only had to stop once for gas. We were lucky that the station was not limiting it to 5 gallons. So my dad decided to fill it up and when he did it took so long the station attendants came outside to see where my dad was putting all the gas. The were shaking their heads in amazement.

Thanks to all the people who post in these forums and keep them entertaining and informative.