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Do You Re-Rack Your Weights?


Just curious. I'm managing a gym and alot of people leave their crap out. The guys with the best builds are the biggest culprits. The people that you'd think don 't know a thing about etiquette do (the ones with 10inch arms) Just curious. I've Always Re-Racked my stuff, what's the consensus?


I leave it how I found it.

I work at a gym as well, picking up everyone else's weights off the floor is enough to give you a workout.


I always do. If there's ever a situation where I don't it's just because I wasn't paying attention and completely forgot.

I really scratch my head when people don't rack the weights.

One exception I can think of though is the leg press; no problem with leaving a 45 on each side of that. An 11 year old girl could do that.


I throw loaded barbells at the threadmills, then I down my Surge, call it a day, and go home.




in our powerlifting room, i can be a pig, depending on the mood im in, but usually i rack all my weights except like a 45 on each side




I think each gym (or possibly city, rural vs. urban, etc.?) has it's own culture that way. In my gym hardly anyone racks their weights. I can somewhat understand this on certain machines. For example, on the leg press, I'm honestly glad when the person before me didn't pull off the very last 45# disk. It saves me the hassle. But freak-out! At the same gym, and at end of the day, all the discarded dumbbells in front of the dumbbell rack create a damn obstacle course! It's almost dangerous. I can't figure it out. It's probably the very same douchebags who don't flush after curling one out in the john.

But at the same gym--same gym chain, different US state--the place is immaculate. Go figure!


At my gym, I hardly ever see people re-rack the weights, most of the time its the workers/PTs. I normally have to grab the DBs off the floor... I usually re-rack, but sometimes I don't bother. On occasions I kick them under the DB rack (usually 100+s DBs) because the 100DB slot has been taken by a 15lb DB. The only thing that frustrates me is that the heavy DBs are scattered and are never in pair when I need them.


I see some of the ladies reracking the weights that work there. I always disassemble the bar when I'm done. The lady came over to me after my deadlifts and was asking me if I would rerack it when I was done and I told her gasping and out of breath that I just had some more Romanian deads to get in and that I would take care of it. My gym only has one squat rack which is totally lame I told them they need to get some more so hopfully they will and not get another smith machine!


i always try to rerack my weights unless its the leg press or if i know whos using it after me needs the weight ill leave it. but i do get really pissed when the dumbbells are not in the proper order maybe its my ocd but it really really aggravates me


I was going to use the Leg Press machine once and some guy left on about 7 or so 45lb plates on each side which i thought was totally fucking lame. Shit like that pisses me off because if someone goes to use it that might be very old or weak, they will never get them off.


I don't get aggravated, It just throws me for a loop. Kinda knocks me out of whack. It's fucking weird, nothing in my life outside of work is "organized" per say, but I like the DB's in proper order.


As much as I agree that people should re-rack their weights when they are done with them, I always leave the weight that I used to warm up with on the bar/leg press/whatever. I never really thought about this before, but it is definitely my M.O. Maybe it has something to do with marking my territory so to speak. Sort of like saying "If you can't even lift this, why the hell are you here?"

Or I might just be an asshole.


Always - And there are NO exceptions. It's called basic etiquette.


i always re-rack my weights and when i need too i re-rack other douche bags guys weights.

When there is a cute gym girl picking up all the weights, i always jump in to help her. Well, cute or not cute, i always help the help


I always rerack my weights. Its just common courtesy.


Considering I am not a fucking douche bag, I re-rack my weights.


I allways re rack unless its on a hammer strength or leg press I will leave on a plate a side.