Do You Prefer Bulking or Cutting on Blasts?

Do you guys like to mainly blast while bulking or cutting? Or both? Personally I like to make the most of my blasts and use them to put on as much size as possible and then cut on a TRT dose (I B/C). I find that even 180 mg of test a week provides plenty of muscle retention during a cut. In the end it ultimately comes down to diet and training IMO as long as you have enough androgens. If you’re a bodybuilder of course you need to use gear while cutting, but aside from that I don’t see why most people would make that a habit. I’d love to hear everyone’s stance on this

I’ve never tried to cut on a blast. I might undertake this in January. It will only likely be slight bump in test and a calorie deficit though. Nothing extreme.

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I am trying to recomp currently maybe that is a cut? I would like to finish leaner than I started and up in weight total. I think so far I am up 4-5 lbs, but the abs are looking a bit better. Still got about 8 weeks left.

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Every cycle I have done was for the sake of bulking and strength… but that was before strongman. The only cut I have done was on TRT and the only blast I have done since being on TRT was a recomp/bulk. In the future the way I will probably handle a blast will be to recomp as much as possible, because being in a weight class my weight greatly matters, and just plain cutting sucks ass.

If I decide to bulk later and move up a weight class I will likely just bulk on TRT. Getting my diet under control and learning how to cut has made me realize how easy it actually is to manipulate my weight/lean mass without necessarily needing drugs.