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Do You Prefer 5s Pro or 5/3/1? And Why?


I’ve been running 531 for about a year now - it’s easily the most effective system I’ve tried, and the strength gains are consistent.

From what I read in Forever, I’m not able to discern exactly why Jim likes either 531 or 5s progression. I’ve been doing 5’s for some time now, regardless of template, and I always mix up the weeks to 3/5/1 order as I feel like it allows me more rest for my heaviest week. I’ve recently been wanting to change it up a bit, keeping the 3/5/1 order, but using the 531 progression model as opposed to the 5s.

Which model do you prefer, and why do you prefer it?


5s pro for leaders, 5/3/1 for anchors. In most cases.