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Do You Plan on TRT Eventually?

Just wondering how many people here that cycle AAS plan on going on trt for life eventually or after their first cycle. I am 28, have done a few cycles with proper pct and time off, and am interested in trt, although i don’t think I would commit until my mid 30s.

I have been TRT since 30, I’m now mid 30s. Best decision, no regrets. Your natural test starts declining 1%/year beginning at 30, so might as well jump on then for life if you want to maintain normal levels.


Thanks for the reply. Do you have kids/plan on having kids if you don’t mind me asking? I just want to have 2 before I get on to avoid any issues.

I started on TRT, and have done one small blast. Since I started with TRT, I guess that was the plan.

Regarding fertility, treatment is pretty effective for men on TRT. Something like 97% of TRT / long term AAS users were fertile with treatment after 6 months or a year.

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That is comforting to hear, what exactly did the treatment involve? If you could post a link I would appreciate it a lot.

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The aforementioned retrospective series from Wenker et al . evaluating hCG used concurrently with SERMs, AIs, and FSH, in men with previous TRT use and severe oligospermia or azoospermia demonstrated an overall 98% success rate at recovering spermatogenesis

If considering TRT and wanting children, I think one should read this research.

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I’ve been on TRT since 28. As for fertility, I also got my wife pregnant with twins in the middle of a Tren/Anadrol blast…

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I see fertility with AAS and TRT as more of a potential pain in the ass than anything. The data says you will very likely be able to have children, it is just a matter of treatment. Worst case is that you might have to stop for a while.

If we think about top guys in strength sports and BBing, many do have children. If it was as dangerous to fertility as many make it out to be (many of the anti steroid folks), we would only have rare cases of these top pros having children, and not the rare case were one can’t have children (the current situation).

TBH, heart health is a larger concern for me than fertility. I think good data exists that says if you abuse these drugs, you will likely have changes in heart dimensions and health.

Yes I agree when it comes to the heart issues being the biggest concern. I figured if I plan on continuing to do cycles I will eventually get to a point where recovery is not as efficient and I will have to go on trt

You’re right with regards to crazy doses, but I haven’t seen studies showing a correlation between TRT doses (150mg/wk and lower) and negative impact on heart health. My understanding is as long as your total test is in the high normal range, your heart won’t be adversely impacted. Correct me if I’m mistaken.

Don’t plan on kids. If I do down the road I’ll hop on HCG to fire the testies back up.

Probably true for TRT. Not with a blast. If you have low T, you are likely to be more probable for heart issues than on TRT IMO.