Do You Personally Test Your Gear Before Pinning?

Currently cruising on TRT levels of Sustanon at the moment and due to getting it privately through a doctor it costs a sickening amount of money.
I took the leap and ordered from what appears to be a “trusted” UGL and plan on running the UGL Sustanon for a bit after I use up the last of my Pharmacy Sustanon. I did plan on testing my UGL gear with a Labmax kit (which I’ve heard isnt always reliable anyway) however I’ve not been receiving any email which allows me to make payment for the kit so I’ve been unable to order it. I personally dont know of any other way to test the legitimacy of the gear without pinning it and getting blood work.
Is there a lot of risk just involved with just pinning without doing some sort of test before hand?
I’ve looked at the gear and the codes on the vials are all good according to the labs website and from what I can see the oil appears to be free from any visible dirt or floaters.

Any advice?

From what i understand making fake test just isnt going to be profitable because word gets out through the forums which are major suppliers and the product wont sell. 10ml is usually 35-40 $ so its dirt cheap and the only way to make money is return customers and a good product. With that being said i would apply to one pf the forums(not giving names) and order domestically through there. Safer and faster and many customer reviews and occasionslly blood work. The labmax test fluoresces before even adding the test and the color change seemed kinda sketchy also like maybe it just reacts to oil not hormones.

Personally I don’t test, it’s costly. I tend to rely on anecdotes and other people posting test results, however given UGL gear can very from batch to batch this isn’t particularly reliable

If I was to acquire a commonly faked compound I’d test

The biggest risk from ugl’s I percieve to be are

For women

  • mislabeled gear, like ox being winny or Dbol
  • overdosed gear

For men

  • overdosed gear

For both

  • Toxic heavy metal contamination (this isn’t talked about enough but it’s a real risk, low quality manufacturing tends to cut corners regarding safe environments and purity when manufacturing raw, crystallized/powdered hormone) although I do believe boldenone is not solid at room temp.

  • Lack of sterility/ bacterial contamination: while the human body is typically (when absent of immunosuppression) remarkable vigilant with regard to being able to fight off foreign pathogens, certain bacteria/ a certain high concentration of bacteria/ bad luck may cause serious or even fatal complications

Keep in mind we are exposed to billions of billions of pathogens daily… All the time… But directly injecting highly concentrated, fully active, high amounts of potentially deadly pathogens (unlike vaccination, low amts or partially deactivated, enough to mount a decent immune response without causing sickness… Usually… Thus creating future antigens, development of memory lymphocytes blablabla and whatnot and whatnot for future immune response) doesn’t sound very smart now does it, but it’s a very minute risk (at least I percieve to be minor) with reputable ugl’s

You can find the test results of the UGL if they are active on other forums. But the only way to know that what you’ve got is genuine is to order a bunch and send a whole vial off to be tested. Otherwise you have to trust your source. Some sources are major companies with serious money invested in making near-pharma-level stuff. At that point it’s about accepting the unknown and observing how your body reacts.