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Do You Partner Up?


Rainjack, do you train at home or at a gym? If you're at a gym, just obsereve whomever is trainig like you. Then ask if he would like a partner. If not, oh well, if so , there you go.


There are 600 farmers in my town. They dont lift anything unless it's going on their tractor.

Seriously I train in my own gym. No regular gym, and no potential lifting partners in a 100 mile radius.


Damn, that bites. Well I don't know what to tell you other than... well I don't know.


Actually it works out really good. We train in a good size garage and we have two racks, two home made platforms, an adjustable bench, a comp bench, a high/low row, and about 1500# of plates.

We will usually break up in groups of three or four and do it like that. I would much rather work with four guys who are pushing me to train my hardest and strain for that last rep or extra five pounds, than train alone in some fucked up commercial gym. The intensity is insane and I love it.


Joebob - Forgive me if this question is dumb but do power lifters usually train in teams like that? I would really like to learn how to power lift, but of course I want to learn how to do it properly. I don't know if I really want to hire a coach though.

There is one guy who coaches at my gym and his athletes are very strong, but he is a potbellied old guy who won't even get out of his chair during the training sessions. I know there are a group of competitive power lifters at another gym in town and I was thinking of going over there and seeing if they might teach me.

What would you do if a girl who was very serious and dedicated wanted to lift with your team? Would it be too much of a pain since she would be lifting so much lighter than the rest of you? Would it be more appropriate to ask to pay for some lessons?


JP, when I lift with my partners, we go in order of weight. The guy that lifts least goes first, next stronger goes second, and the big guy goes last. That way we just keep stacking the bar as we go, then strip it back to the base weight. That works realy well. Does anybody else do anything like that?


I lucked out and have a partner who is real motivated. We progress more in the three months off from school than we do the rest of the year.

It is nice to be able to really push yourself without fear of being crushed. Some people think that if you need a partner, you aren't dedicated. Uhh, no. My problem is my mind is stronger than my body; I think I can, then I get stuck. My mind rarely gives out first.

On the other hand, workouts are shorter by yourself, and they are easier to schedule. I can make good gains alone, but it gets old after awhile.

I think it is better to lift alone if your partner is not motivated. I once had a friend make me laugh in the middle of a Good Morning set. That hurt, bad. I thought I was going to crumble and die. My friend asked me why I was pissed off, then said that I took my lifting too seriously!

The best thing about lifting alone is that nobody can laugh at you.

The best thing about lifting with a buddy is that they can laugh at you.