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Do You Need to Take HGH Every Day?

When crusing test (enanthate or cypionate) you can easily go on a vacation 1-2 weeks without anything with you and just be off for those 1-2 weeks, but if you are on hgh, how would a vacation like this affect you? A hgh cycle is almost a year and you need to take it everyday (from what I’ve read), if you take a vacation that is 2 weeks and go off the stuff for two weeks how would it affect you?

You probably wouldn’t notice much if you took a break for a week or two. It’s not optimal, obviously, but I doubt in the long run it would make a huge difference. You’d likely feel a little sluggish those two weeks (because you have no natural GH production happening) but that’s not the end of the world.

I’ve been on hgh for a few months now and had to fly back east for a few days. I opted not to try to take anything with me. To be honest i didn’t notice the difference after missing it for 4 days but I did take a double dose when I got back home

How many units of GH do you inject everyday. Also, I read somewhere on another thread that you get the chinese source of GH…was there any apprehension to taking it with it being chinese and all? I would love to get on some GH but terrified of some of the sources.

It has varied from 5/day down to 2/day trying to conserve what I have left. My stuff has always been good and I posted some blood work showing how high my hgh levels went on 4 iu.

I can’t discuss sources but unless it’s in a pharma package, it’s more than likely Chinese

What do you mean by pharma package? And are we able to talk about how much you paid for it?

Meaning it’s pharmacy grade and factory packaged.

Cost range from $150 to $250/100 iu. I paid $170/iu for my stuff

Is there a way I can contact you outside of this site like email or so…have a few questions.

Sorry brother, I’ve been burned before and got my account hacked.

No problem…I get it.

So let me ask you this: Once starting HGH is that a “for life” deal as I’ve read it shuts down your natural production. Or do people successfully take it for a year and then stop with no issues? I ask because I’m 46 and can get my hands on some very soon and was thinking about starting to do like 2iu’s a day.

I personally do not believe that HGH requires a lifetime commitment unless you are biologically incapable of producing your own.
With that said, we all know that HGH production declines naturally with age. I think if you have the money, a maintenance dose of 2iu could be done indefinitely.

I ran 5/day the first time and initially gained about 18 lbs of water then after about 8 weeks that all came off and I lost a ton of fat. The second cycle at 4 iu/day I did not gain much water at all and lost weight after 8 weeks.

If you have initial body fat to lose, I would run 4-5 iu/ day for at least 90 days then taper down to 2 and see how you feel