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Do You Need a Shaker?

Do you need a shaker to mix Surge or Grow? Or would a normal hard-plastic water bottle do fine? Does Wal-mart or Target sell shakers?

I’m new to adding powders into drinks.

Any water-tight sealable bottle should work, although I usually use a turbo shaker or blender for Metabolic Drive.

A plastic bottle that seals well will do. Most shakers are just bottles with the oz. listed on the side. I do recommend the Blender Bottle though. Shakes things up nicely and doesn’t leak. Has a wide mouth, which makes it easy to scoop protein into and clean up. They sell them at supp stores.

I use a blender for Metabolic Drive since it’s with a bunch of other ingredients and I like to enjoy it.

With Surge usually I just put it in a glass and kind of swirl it around since it’s going to be gone in a minute anyway.

You guys should try to avoid using a blender with casein based proteins. It kind of defeats the purpose of paying double the money vs whey for a slower digesting protein.

I just use a Nalgene bottle.

I first put in a little bit of water, then my protein, then fill the rest close to the top with water. Shake and you’re good to go!

However, these things are a bitch to clean - so be sure to rinse them well as soon as you are done. Just shaking water in them works fine.