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Do You Monitor Blood Sugar?

hey guys this stems form the recent article here about the 150 healthiest foods. Im curious who hear worries about there blood sugar and the glycemic index and load and all that. Do you worry about something like o I ate pasta my blood sugar is going to be high kinda thing.

Im not asking if I should worry about it. Im asking who here worries or monitors the small things like that. Like putting this many high gh carbs with a certian food. Things like that. I personally dont even take a thought of this so tell me who here monitors this?

I take caution with foods that I know spike insulin. When avoiding such foods I feel much better, more energy, less lethargic etc.

Grains are what do it for me. Bad news as far as my body is concerned.

am i human ? then yes i definitely do care about the insulin effects of the food i eat

this is why i stay away from grains for the most part and only have high carb stuff like bananas and simple carbs PWO

My younger brother got type 1 diabetes about 10 years ago so I’ve been interested in the relationship between blood sugar and food for longer than I’ve been lifting. I try to structure my meals so that my blood sugar does not fluctuate too much throughout the day, but in the end as long as you are lifting and getting intense exercise (sprinting/grappling/running in my case) it’s not really necessary to be uber-strict about it.